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October Moon Circle

The moon is full on October 24th and it is in the sign of Taurus. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus and so this moon brings a greater capacity for love and most importantly self-love which is the goal of each and every one of us.

There is a deep connection from this full moon to the constellation of Andromeda and the stars call us as we connect to the lunar light at this time. Our feet need to be firmly planted on mother Earth and she brings us so many of our teachings as we work under the light of the moon but there are times where we need to ascend into the cosmos and draw down the heavenly light from the stars and receive the teachings from the teachers and the stars themselves. This brings the blending of heaven and earth.

Andromeda was the daughter of Cassiopeia and it is interesting that Cassiopeia is the constellation which belongs to Mary Magdalene. The meaning of the constellation of Andromeda is the chained woman, a woman in chains who is ultimately freed so what better symbolism we have for finding the inner freedom to completely own self love.


Here are the teachings for Octoberís full moon:

Draw down the light of Sirius allowing it to enter your Crown and radiate through you and out into the circle.


The Teachings

Draw down the full moon light knowing that it is filled with the vibrations of Venus, the vibrations of love and wrap the moonlight around you to create your priestess gown feeling the white light shift you from an earthly consciousness to cosmic consciousness.

Prepare yourself to travel out into the universe and make your intentions on the route you are to take which is to the constellation of Andromeda. You feel an acceleration within you, a very powerful vibration which lifts you up into the air and you ascend into the starry heavens. You travel across the sky taking in the wonderful sights of planets and constellations seeing great beauty everywhere. There are pathways across the universe, like motorways, well trodden path ways which can lead you to different constellations.

You arrive at the constellation of Andromeda and you know exactly which planet you are heading to. You step upon the planet and a vast landscape appears before you, a landscape of such great beauty and you can feel the vibrations of peace and harmony here for this is a very advanced planet within the constellation which you have come to.

You see white buildings here set amidst beautiful gardens containing flowers similar to those which grow upon the Earth. Anywhere you may travel in the universe you will always find that life is not so different to the life upon Earth with the exception that we are babies and life upon other planets is far more advanced than ours.

As you look upon the white buildings before you and you realise that these are places of learning and healing you walk towards one of them. When you reach the door of the building you have chosen a priestess dressed in white like you comes to greet you. She looks human in form for the same DNA fills the universe. You can sense that she is wise and loving and you are welcomed into her arms.

The Temple you enter is dedicated to love but it is love for the self for that is the first love and within the temple are delivered teachings to teach everyone how to love themselves. You feel the essence of love fill the air, you feel it in the flowers which are placed around, you feel it in the other beings who are here for you are entering a sacred space of divine love. How your heart has longed to truly love yourself, to love yourself completely for you know that that is when your peace will come. The priestess leads you forwards and she along with others now begins your education of true self love.


The Ceremony

The ceremony takes place outside at night upon the same planet you already visited. The purpose of this ceremony is the renewing of the heart so that any feelings of lack of self-love will be transformed in the light of true understanding.

Wearing your white lunar gown you gather in the Temple Gardens under the full moon around an altar of the most beautiful clear crystal which is carved with crystal flowers which you recognise. Upon the altar is a chalice made of rose quartz and a high priestess speaks sacred words and holds the chalice up to the sky and as she speaks a stream of stars enters into the chalice dissolving into a silvery liquid. Starlight is one of the greatest healers of all and so she passes this around and you drink deeply from the chalice and you feel the Starlight fill your entire being purifying it and releasing any old thoughts of lack of self-love. As you are cleansed and purified you place your hands around your heart and you remove it from you and you feel completely anything within you which does not resonate with self-love. As each of these feelings are released from the heart which you will hold they are transformed into tiny little stars which drop onto the ground filling it with iridescent light everywhere.

Still holding your heart you begin to sing along with the other priestesses a song of love and you feel the love now enter into your heart. At the very moment when the love is so deep and profound a shooting star falls from the heavens and lands within your heart creating a five pointed star within it and this is the moment of transformation for the five pointed star is a symbol of love.

You make a wish and you kiss your heart and you put it back inside where it belongs. You all now have hearts filled with love and to celebrate the wonderful joy of this connection you sit and speak to one another heart to heart sharing with everyone.


The Healing

The five pointed star is the star of Venus and she makes this shape in the sky during her orbit so this star is firmly embedded in her essence. This star is also the star of Mary Magdalene and both the star and Mary Magdalene are associated with the metal copper. Copper is one of the most healing metals of all and it conducts energy and allows it to flow but there is much more to its transformative abilities.

You are to wear a copper coloured gown and wear copper jewellery and then you are to transport yourself to the Greek island of Cyprus whose name means copper for it was the source of much copper in times gone by.

You will be taken to an ancient Temple by the sea and you will watch as the goddess Aphrodite emerges from the sea for this is her Temple and she will take you within it and she will heal you for she is the goddess of love. She will transmit to you the sounds of the planet Venus, these are the sounds of love and you will absorb both her vibrations and the heavenly music and you will feel a great healing take place within you. The healing you will receive will be pure love, you will be healed by love, by the love of the goddess and by love itself and you will feel love as a reality and you can touch it and know it and your whole body will vibrate with the love you have received and you will finally accept that you love yourself.

May you all be touched by the greatest love this month and may the lunar and Venus vibrations bring great transformation to your heart.

From my heart to your heart I send you much love,




September Moon Circle

The moon is full on September 25th in the sign of Aries so we have a lot of fire with this moon but there is also a connection with the planet Saturn; Saturn represents the mother and so we will be blessed by much mothering energy and it is badly needed for everyone at this time of transition.

Here are the teachings for this monthís full moon:

Draw down the light of Sirius taking in the Starlight and radiating it out into the circle.

The Teachings

The essence of this full moon is one of healing deep wounds; the lunar energies provide the perfect opportunity for opening up, releasing and healing. Many people have been experiencing deep releasing within and it is at those times where you need comfort, reassurance and nurturing. The moon is a symbol of the mother and so as we connect to it in its fullness each month we are repeating what many have done in the past over and over again by immersing ourselves in the universal mother love.

The moon brings the light into the darkness which means it shines the light into the deepest part of our subconscious but it also carries within its essence a deeply protective, cosy and all enveloping love.

The teachings with this moon are very simple indeed and within their simplicity is included the most profound healing and supportive energy. These teachings are more about being immersed in the vibrations and allowing them to completely enfold you so that you experience the purest transmission of love and reassurance.

You are to receive the highest vibration of divine unified love which comes from the moon, your mother and this is all about expanding in consciousness into the unified field where there is only love and light. Play some music for this experience for there are few words to say with it, there is only a deep connection to what is being transmitted.

Choose a piece of music to play which touches you so deeply, music which moves you. It can be anything at all, it can be a goddess chant, classical music, what ever touches you. Choose a piece of music which lasts about eight or 10 minutes. Here is a link to the music I am going to play because this moves me:


Draw down the light of this full moon and fill every part of your inner self shining the light with this wonderful luminosity. Allow that light to radiate outwards to create a gown of moonlight.

As you look up the moon descends from the sky and it envelops you in its radiant light and as it does this it transforms into one of the great mother figures; each individual will receive their own mother figure, one which they connect to. This may be a goddess, the divine mother, mother Mary, Anandamayi Ma, the face of the mother is many.

You are to lie in the arms of your mother in whatever form she comes to you and she will hold you close for you are her divine Child. You will begin playing the music and you will sink into the love of the mother; as you do this your consciousness will begin to expand like never before and the vibration of love within you from your motherís love will connect you to the universal vibration of divine mother love. All your boundaries will disappear as you dissolve into the unity of love.

The Ceremony

The ceremony from this full moon is healing for the world for many cry out for help and the Earth itself mirrors the inner cleansing of the individual as she too releases and purifies herself.

This full moon brings the fire, the essence of Aries and so we have moon fire. Draw down the moonlight and see it as moon fire filling the chalice; say a blessing over the chalice, a blessing for world healing and then drink deeply from it. Take a moment to feel the moon fire within and when it is fully absorbed this fire can now be radiated outwards and spread around the world.

The healing is to be done at the chakra points of the Earth, sacred places which represent seven chakras. Connecting these chakra points is a rainbow serpent and so you will follow the path of the rainbow serpent beginning at the base chakra.

You will all begin a journey around the Earth stopping at sacred places where you will radiate moon fire into the Earth. When this has been completed these places will be repositories for this lunar fire and these chakra points will then radiate much healing and harmonising energy around the whole of mother Earth.

These are the six places to travel to: base chakra-Mount Shasta California, sacral chakra-Lake Titicaca Peru, solar plexus chakra-Uluru Australia, heart chakra and third eye chakra-Glastonbury, Crown chakra-Mount Kailash Tibet. You will notice that Glastonbury contains two chakra points.

The Healing

The rainbow serpent links all the chakra points around mother Earth and the rainbow serpent is also the energy fire which resides at the base of the spine and just as the rainbow serpent flows around the Earth it also ascends up the body clearing the energetic pathways and chakras.

The serpent is wisdom and when it rises within you it not only clears your pathways of light it also allows your own inner wisdom to be released.

Clothed in your white gown of Aries lunar energy you are taken to a serpent Temple. The doors are carved with serpents and they open wide to allow you to enter within. You can feel the wisdom as soon as you cross the threshold, you can almost touch it.

In the centre of a Temple is a huge tree with its roots in the Earth and its branches leading to heaven. There are priestesses here who guide you to the tree and they ask you to stand with your back to it. The priestesses begin to chant and as they do rainbows of light begin to rise up from the roots of the tree and as they ascend up the trunk these rainbows of light move through you. They move through you clearing and purifying all your energetic pathways and when they reach your Crown as your old energies are pushed out they are transformed into stars and these stars rise up into the sky where they shine so brightly down over mother Earth.

After this healing sit quietly and ground your feet back into the Earth.

The autumn equinox takes place this month, another turn of the wheel of the year. This is the time of harvest and as you connect to the full moon energies you will harvest your own wisdom and share your light far and wide.

May your path always be filled with rainbows,

Love Margaret



August Moon Circle

The moon is full in the sign of Pisces on August 26th and so we have lunar energies brought to us from the watery sign of the fish, what a perfect combination to work with the moon energies in a much deeper way. The Piscean energies are deeply spiritual and they open up your inner vision enabling you to see into the mystical realms.

Many healers are not aware that they are also mediums and they are often adamant that they only heal but this is not the case for you cannot have one without the other. The moment you open yourself up to the light of spirit you are also opening up your mediumship abilities, the two go hand-in-hand.


Here are the teachings for this monthís full moon:

Draw down the light of Sirius in through your Crown circulating it through you and around you into the circle.


The Teachings


When we work with the light of the moon we can work with white, Pearl or Silver but the energies from this full moon bring us fully the silver vibrations of the lunar light. Silver is the moon, it is the divine feminine, it is the emotional body and it is the deepest essence of communication.

For most of you reading this you will have brought with you into this life a wound where you have not been able to fully speak your truth and very often all your healing is for this purpose until you eventually stand firm in yourself and in your own power and you can say exactly what you feel without any control from anyone else.

Many of us who follow this spiritual path have been persecuted for our beliefs and because of that we brought that fear into this life preventing us speaking our truth for fear of persecution. You do not need to go back to past lives to find all the drama and suffering it is just enough to know that this is something you have carried within you. You only need to experience a past life when it is presented to you by spirit or by your own soul.

Were ever you are on your spiritual path you will have learned to be true to yourself, to love yourself and to speak your truth whether that is to friends and family or in your spiritual work. Our greatest teachers are often our families for they know all about us and they know where we are vulnerable but without them we would never have learned to speak out.

In your spiritual work the time has come now to cut through all the illusions, all old ways of thinking and teach and speak with complete truth and honesty, always with care and concern for the other person but we must give the truth when it is called for. Even in spiritual circles there is much said at this time which is not true; so many people speak through illusion and not truth and at the same time there are those who cannot handle when others do speak the truth. Take up the mantle of silver and you will take up the vibration of truth.

All of this which I have written is on the vibration of silver.

You are going to experience the depth of the essence of silver to open up your own channels of communication and it will be a rebirth for you in your personal life where more than ever before you will speak your truth.

Draw down the light of the full moon but see it as silver water and fill yourself from head to toe with this illuminated lunar light.

Within this light you will be transported to a mountaintop where you will feel the freedom which comes from being in such an elevated place.

You will draw up from the Earth the silver which is within our blessed planet and you will draw it up through you and see it flowing as liquid so that you are filled completely with silver.

You will then draw down from above Mercury from the planet Mercury for it is the planet of communication and you will feel that Mercury flow down from above and in through your Crown and down to your feet so that you are filled yet again with this flowing light.

You connect with the energy and you feel your whole inner being vibrating at a very fast rate. You feel an expansion take place within you and all your chakras begin to open fully particularly your throat and your third eye. You feel vibrations in both of these centres and you sit with this vibration until you are so open and expanded the universe can communicate through you.

You are now open and ready to receive communications and these communications will come from many sources, they will come from the planet itself, they will come from the ancestors, they will come from the deities who are expressions of energy, they will come from our star brothers and sisters and they will come from the great teachers of light who work with us.


The Ceremony


On the night of the full moon in Pisces you see before you a round moon Temple set in an ancient landscape and as you approach it you know that this Temple was dedicated to the moon so very long ago and those who came here worked with the ancient mysteries of the lunar light.

As you enter the Temple you notice that everything within it is made of silver and there are round windows in the wall and they have been positioned to allow the moonlight to enter at different times of the night. You go and stand in the middle of the floor and you see that the floor is made of silver too and you feel as though you are actually standing within the moon. The full moon then shines through one of the round windows and lights up the whole Temple and it casts its glow upon all the silver here and the radiance spreads everywhere and it covers you too so that you see that you are now dressed in a silver gossamer gown.

Priestesses dressed also in silver now draw towards you and they take you to a silver altar. Upon this altar is a silver chalice and it is filled with silver water and the priestesses ask you to drink deeply from this to prepare you for an initiation. You drink deeply and you have never tasted anything so divine before.

The priestesses draw very close to you and one of them steps forward and she opens the palm of her hand and within it is a round silver full moon and she tells you she is going to place this in your third eye. She asks if you are ready for this is an initiation to open up your mediumship gifts in a brand-new way so that you can see into the many realms of spirit. She reminds you that seeing is feeling so that whilst your third eye is opened even more it does not mean that you will see with your physical eyes you will feel for feeling is seeing.

The priestesses begin to chant as she places the symbol of the moon upon your forehead and as she does a great beam of light radiates out from your third eye and as you look around the Temple you see that there are many other beings here, beings not of the physical world, beings of light.

You see with such clarity of vision and you approach these beings and communicate with them and they will bring you information and guidance for your own life.


The Healing


Silver is use medicinally for many things. Colloidal silver has many uses for the immune system, for the skin and for many types of symptoms; it is also very effective in killing bacteria. Homoeopathic silver has been used for a long time and again it is very powerful for both the body and the mind.

You can use these remedies but more effective than that you can use the silver light in its pure form to heal you.

You are to be taken to the silver realm for every colour has its own realm, a vast expanse of vibration and knowledge.

Sit quietly and think of silver and let that thought sink deep within you, then enter deep within yourself and you will find that a silver door opens into the silver realm.

You will find yourself on a silver beach next to a silver sea and you immediately feel such amazing healing vibrations entering into you. You absorb these vibrations into your physical body and into your mind to allow healing to take place. You swim within the silver sea feeling yourself being cleansed and purified. You lie on the silver sand and bask in the vibrations of it which reach into you creating balance and harmony and healing.

Keep connected to the silver vibrations in whatever form you are drawn to. If you have silver foliage on your plants in the garden then go and connect to them. You can wear the grey colour which is the same as silver and this will enhance the healing vibrations of this colour even more for you. Wear silver jewellery

May you all be blessed by deeper communications with mother Earth and with spirit and more than that may you be blessed with a deeper communication with the wisdom of your own soul.

With love Margaret



July Moon Circle

 The moon is full on July 27th in the sign of Aquarius and at the same time there is a complete lunar eclipse creating very powerful vibrations indeed.

Eclipses bring the dark so that we can go deeply into the emotional body and see what we need to heal and let go of but there is an aspect to this full moon which is filled with light and it asks us to go deeply into the water for this full moon is a complete expression of the water element.

The sign of Aquarius is the water bearer and the lunar energies represent the moon; we know so much about the water element but there are deeply mystical teachings which we havenít even begun to discover yet and so you will work with the water and go very deep into it.


Here are the teachings for this monthís full moon:

Take in the light of Sirius drawing it in through your Crown and radiating it through you and around you.


The Teachings


Draw down the light of the full moon but see it radiating down as water and allow this moon water to flow through you so that you have within you the moonlight which is also water.

Take time to connect to the vibrations within so that you are fully attuned to them. Watch as this watery moonlight flows from you and see yourself walking through it and it will lead you into the most beautiful place.

You will find yourself on a warm sunny day by a crystal clear pool surrounded by green valleys filled with flowers and as you look around at the scene you are enthralled by the abundance of nature. You sit by the edge of the pool breathing in the scent of all the flowers, hearing the wind rustle through the grasses and the trees and watching the insects and butterflies and bees hovering everywhere. You drink in this paradise and it fills your soul with delight.

After a little while you see movement in the pool and something seems to be emerging from the middle of it and as you look closer you see the water lifting up and that water takes shape and what began as a fountain of water transforms into a being made completely of water. This is the spirit of the water and it comes towards you and you stand up and greet and bow to it in acknowledgement of its mighty presence.

The spirit of the water begins to speak to you and as it speaks tiny droplets of water fall from him and the Sun shines through them casting rainbows everywhere. He tells you he has come to tell you the secrets of the water for it is time now for everyone on the Earth to know the true nature of what water it really is.

You understand already how water is life and of how the living waters are spirit and that water is the Gateway to spirit and also how you were born from water and you are made of nearly all water. This spirit then proceeds to bring you teachings and you are amazed by what you are shown. He teaches you how to command the water so that you can stand on the edge of the pool and command the water to rise up and create fountains or rainfall. He teaches you to take one drop of water and from that one drop you can manifest before you a whole ocean of water to go and enter within.

He teaches you about the dew on the grass and upon the flowers and of how this is the most magical water of all and he tells you how you can use it to create the greatest healing for yourself and others. He teaches you how to gather the water in your hands and watch as it separates into particles and elements. The things you will hear you will have never heard before or read about but you are ready now for these greater teachings of the water and your teacher, the spirit of the water, has so much to show you.


The Ceremony


Ceremony is a very important aspect of this ancient work which we do and we have done it in so many lives before. We hold ceremonies to mark the passing of the seasons of the year, we hold ceremonies to mark important events in life and we hold ceremonies for healing. Ceremony means that you tell the universe your intention and whatever it may be the universe will hear you and act accordingly.

As part of our work as light workers it is so important that we continually create healing for the Earth for as we heal mother Earth we also heal those upon it to. The Ascension of the Earth is gathering momentum and as many, many people clear their old emotional energies there is a further need to clear these from the Earth for most people do not understand that they leave their emotions lying around as rubbish, they do not know about the principles of transformation.

You are going to perform a ceremony for the healing of the Earth but this healing is to clear the old emotions right across the planet and you will transform them. Remember that the water within your own physical body contains your emotions too.

Create your Temple space out in nature next to water; it can be any form of water, a River, a waterfall, the sea or a Lake. This is your outdoor Temple and you will manifest an altar and put upon the altar all those things which you would normally use when you are holding ceremony.

You will be joined by a goddess to perform this very special work and so you prepare yourself as you stand before your altar quietening your mind and maybe saying a little prayer.

The goddess will then appear to you and it is the goddess Coventina; she is the goddess of the waters of water in any form and she is the goddess of purification. She is also the goddess for creating wishes as wishing wells were dedicated to her for she governs the water.

She comes before you dressed in the most incredible gown and she seems to move and flow like water itself. She wears upon herself the most beautiful jewels which look like diamonds but they are in fact drops of water.

She fills your chalice with some of these jewels and they liquefy into crystal water and she speaks a blessing over the water in the chalice and she then asks you to drink it. This water will connect you to every body of water upon the Earth and as you sip it you can feel every ocean and every River and waterfall, you are connected to them all. You then become aware that there are stagnant energies in all the waters of the Earth and they have gathered there from all the emotions which people have discarded and left lying around, they have all made their way into the waterways for water acts like a magnet for emotions.

Coventina then places within your mind a healing symbol which will transform all of these stagnant energies into pure clear water. You feel the symbol she has given you and you begin your task of healing all the waters in the world. You begin by holding out your arms and you become the symbol and you enter into the water which is by your altar and as you are immersed in that water this symbol begins to travel through every waterway in the world. You are the symbol, you are the healer and this light now purifies every type of waterway and you watch as it radiates out touching every body of water in the world.

You will know when you have completed your task and upon completion you will emerge from the water and Coventina will be waiting for you and she will give you one of her jewels and she asks you to throw this in the water which is by you and you are to make a wish. You give thanks to her and she tells you that you can call upon her at any time for purification or if you need healing either for yourself or for the world.


The Healing


Take yourself to a moon garden at night when the moon is full and you step through the entrance to the garden through a moon gate, a rounded Gateway. As you enter the garden the moonlight shines down and lights up everywhere and you see that this is a garden made entirely of white flowers for these flowers are dedicated to the moon and they shine so brightly in the moonlight. White flowers always radiate their light in the garden at night.

This beautiful garden is filled with water in many forms, there are fountains and little streams everywhere. In the very centre of the garden is a round Pool filled with white water lilies and surrounding that pool are many elemental beings who wait for you to bring you healing. They lead you down into the pool where you float upon your back surrounded by the beautiful blooms of the water lilies and as you do the full moon light shines over you like a spotlight.

All the elementals join you in the water laughing and filled with such light and they begin to chant to you the sounds which emanate from the moon and as you lie there your whole being is healed, your body is healed, your mind is healed and your spirit is soothed. You are healed by the moonlight, by the water which you lie upon, by the light of the white water lilies and by the orchestra of beautiful tones from mother moon.


With love Margaret



June Moon Circle

The moon is full on June 28th in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn and while Saturn has various meanings it is also associated with the mother; the moon is the mother and so we have very powerful mother energy with us at this full moon.


Here are the teachings for this monthís full moon:

Draw down the light of Sirius in through your Crown filling up with this Starlight and radiating it around you and into your circle.

The Teachings

The combination of the full moon and its presence in the sign of Saturn asks us to look at the mother energy within us. Most people have a wound within them and for those of us who follow this spiritual path we are Chiron, the wounded healer; we are the wounded one, the wounder and the healer all intertwined and it is because of this that we can help others.

The inner wound is the emotional pattern which was created often in early life and which has set the scene for our emotional problems throughout life until the pattern is broken. Usually the wound is either the mother wound or the father wound and I find in most cases it is a mother wound. This means that there have been issues with one parent which have been at the root of emotional patterning.

With all this mother energy from the full moon we can now go within and look at the mother energy within us. You may have had a wonderful relationship with your mother in which case you can understand and appreciate this even more or you may have had issues with your mother so you now have the opportunity to heal this fully. Your mother may be in spirit and so she can now draw closer to guide you and bring you the nurturing which only a mother can and if your mother is still upon this Earth then you will be given a greater understanding and love for her.

Youíre going to be given three mother archetypes to work with and they will enable you to heal and understand your own mother and also they will bring to you the wonderful nurturing love of the mother to help you to heal and to let you know that you are always looked after.

Draw down the mothering light of this full moon and fill up with it, filling every part of you and then see that light radiating out into your aura.

As you look through the white light you will see before you the goddess Danu, the great mother goddess of the Irish Celts. She is the Queen of fertility and the goddess of the flowing waters. She is dressed in the colours of the land and the sea, in greens and blues and these colours seem to vibrate all around her. You feel her energy which is powerful and free and loving and filled with life and as she reaches out her hand to you you know that you must follow her. She takes you deep into the land to where the waters flow in the form of streams, rivers and waterfalls for you were born of water from your mother.

Danu leads you into running water and she holds you as the water flows over you, flowing, cleansing and purifying your whole being. When this has been done she leads you on to a mossy seat and as you sit together she places her hand upon your heart. Your heart opens and opens and all the memories from the whole of your life regarding your mother begin to flow out of you and you share them with her. You share your sorrows and pain regarding your mother and you share your joy and your love which you have experienced with her. She listens to you and she counsels you and she explains so many things about your mother; she gives you the wisdom to understand why your mother did things in ways that may have caused you emotional pain and she shares her light on the deep connection which existed between the two of you.


The Ceremony

Your dress yourself in your white priestess gown for the ceremony which you are about to perform.

A crystal chalice is held up to the moon and filled with moonlight which is also the light of the mother energy. Bless the contents of the chalice and drink deeply from it.

Dressed in white and filled with the liquid moonlight you enter a Temple and go before the altar. You notice how the altar is dressed and how it looks so very beautiful. Your intention is to completely connect to the mother aspect of yourself so that you may become your own mother and so that you may always nurture and love yourself just as a mother would a child for you have within you all aspects of the goddess, the maiden, the mother and the Crone.

With your intention set you place your hands upon the altar and a very strong silver vibration fills your being and you know that you are not alone for appearing next to you is the great Hindu goddess Durga. Durga is the mother of the universe and she is the great protectoress and she will look after you in every way she can. She stands by your side dressed in the most amazing sari of such vibrant colours. Her left eye is the moon, her right eye is the sun and her third eye is a blazing fire.

She asks you now to place your hands upon the altar and to open your heart wider than it has ever been opened before. She then goes and stands behind you and she begins to chant the sacred sound of MA which means the mother. As she chants this sound the sound radiates out from her heart centre and into your heart centre through your back and she folds her arms around you as a mother would do and all you can feel is the love of a mother for you but as you feel that tremendous love and as you feel her loving you you then love yourself. The sound of MA fills every organ in your body, it fills every part of you, it fills your aura and that sound becomes pure love. In that moment you love yourself like never before for you become both the mother and the child, nurtured and Safe with pure unconditional love for yourself.


The Healing

The third mother archetype you are to work with is Mother Mary.

Mother Mary brings her pale blue Ray around you for this is always the colour she works upon. She will bring the most powerful healing to you for love is the greatest healer and a motherís love is like none other.

I am going to play a song for this healing. Sound is so powerful whether we use sacred chants or a song and often the most powerful part of any sound healing is the silence which follows; there is the most incredible healing available in the sacred space which follows any sound work.

I would suggest that you play the Beatles, Let It Be, for this healing for the words are so relevant to this monthís full moon energy of the mother.

You may not wish to use it or you may have another song or chant which you feel drawn to.

Bring in the pale blue light and that will draw Mother Mary into the circle remembering that the blue light is Mother Mary, they are one and the same. As you are immersed in that light and the song is played Mary will draw close and bring the deepest healing to you. There are no instructions from her only her vibration to connect to which will enable you to receive your own visions and healing. 

May you all become your own mother so that you will always have access to the nurturing and safety which only a motherís arms can bring.

I wish you all a very blessed summer solstice; may the light of the Sun blend with the light of the moon to bring you deep and lasting peace.

With love Margaret



May Moon Circle

The moon is full this month on May 29th in the sign of Sagittarius; Sagittarius is one of the most spiritual signs of the Zodiac and it is ruled by Jupiter the planet of great expansion; also within the constellation of Sagittarius is the galactic centre, a very powerful point in our galaxy.

So these lunar energies are filled with great expansion and deep spiritual awakening.

Something has been stirring over the last weeks and it is now coming to full fruition and the best way I can describe this is of the second coming of Mary Magdalene; there have been many times where there has been an upsurge in her energies, she has returned again and again to bring her teachings. Mary Magdalene brings the lunar energies for she is the healer of the deepest part of our female selves whether we are men or women and so at this full moon we reach a very powerful point indeed in the regeneration of the Earth and all upon it.

On 12th December in 2012 there was a powerful lining up of the planets in alignment with the centre of the Milky Way and it was at this point where we all recognised a new beginning as the female energies were ready to be birthed once more at that momentous occasion where there was a marriage of the Christ energies and the Magdalene energies.

It has taken all of this time for the greatest opening to occur and now in your work with the moon and your teaching of others about the secrets of the moon more than ever you will be touched by the hand of Magdalene at this full moon. It is like ripples in a pond as she touches you and you reach out and touch others and so it goes on.

The teachings for this full moon come in three parts for it is an initiation into a new way of being and these three parts represent the Trinity, mind, body and soul and also the three aspects of the goddess, maiden, mother and crone. Each of these parts is a progression beginning with a purification then a healing and then a blessing from Magdalene herself.


Here are the teachings for this monthís full moon:

Draw down the light of Sirius in through your Crown filling up with the Starlight and then radiating it out and into the circle around you.

When I visited Magdaleneís cave in Provence in the South of France it was halfway up a mountain and this mountain was filled with water for there was much water in the region. As I connected to Magdalene deep within the cave she placed a fountain of water within my heart and it remained there; this was the fountain of knowledge which she awakened within me. She is the Mistress of the Waters for she brings the divine waters of life and spirit to us all.

Manifest in your hands sacred waters gathered from many holy places upon the planet and then sprinkle this around yourself just as the priest sprinkles holy water during a church ceremony.

Take yourself to a place which is very special to you and which is connected to water, it can be anywhere upon the Earth. Connect to the energies and to the water which is there and feel it enter through the soles of your feet and rise up within you. This water is to purify all your bodies, body, mind and spirit and as it rises within you it will bring to the surface anything which needs cleansing. This can be from yesterday, from last year or from any time in your life back to birth; it can even be from a past life. Allow it all to rise; resentment, anger, irritation, fear, let it all come to the surface and let it see the light of day.

Let it all come into your heart and from there it will pour into your hands and you will feel to the depths of your being the release of so much and it will be a blessed release. You must feel it all even the smallest things. As you hold these feelings within your hands tears will fall from your eyes for what you have allowed throughout your life but as those tears fall they will transform into diamonds and they will blend with the water in your hands to create a fountain of diamond water. You will bless this diamond water in your hands, you will speak your blessing over it and then you will place this fountain within your heart. All your tears have been transformed into a fountain of knowledge and now it resides deep within your heart ready for you to drink deeply from it for it will be a fountain which will never ever dry up.

The Milky Way is likened to a River of light and there is part of it which is known to be a symbol of the womb and the womb is symbolic of the deepest sacred feminine vibration. Place your hands upon your womb or the space of your womb if you do not have one. Prepare yourself for the deepest healing of your divine feminine nature than you have ever received before.

Put on your white priestess gown and your cloak of black and rise up into the sky and set your course to the very centre of the Milky Way. When you arrive there there will be others there too who have travelled here to join you for a mass healing. You will find yourself in a Temple made of stars and it is vast beyond your wildest dreams and filled with countless priestesses.

Magdalene appears before you all and she welcomes you and she asks you to lie down upon the floor of the Temple. As you lie down you can see through the Windows the open ceiling of the Temple and the great beauty of the cosmos and you find yourself dissolving into a state of ultimate peace.

Magdalene opens her mouth and as she does you watch as stars enter her Crown and begin to flow from her mouth and each star carries its own specific sound so that a whole orchestra of Starlight shines its sacred music into your womb. You watch as the stars flow through her and you listen to the heavenly music which accompany them and you feel your womb begin to glow and vibrate with the most radiant white light and that white light spreads throughout every part of you and you are healed at the deepest level of yourself in body, mind and spirit.

Whenever we travel down the M6 going south I am always drawn to the most beautiful little country pink church in a tiny little village at the side of the motorway; I know this is symbolic of the church of Mary Magdalene for her Ray is pink. When I use the word church I could be using anything, sacred grove, Temple any gathering point to connect to the divine but as we look at the word church it means a way, a particular way and the way which we all follow is the way of the sacred feminine and it links us in the heart as sisters.

See yourself entering the most exquisite little pink church in the countryside and you are wearing the most beautiful gown of magenta pink and as you enter inside you are joined by others like yourself. The peace within this church can almost be touched and it is filled with simplicity and beauty. Vases of wildflowers decorate the church and there are ancient pews to sit upon. The altar is decorated with ivy and flowers and candles.

When you are all settled Mary Magdalene manifests before the altar and she begins to give you a sermon but this sermon is a message of the greatest beauty, comfort and reassurance and she reassures you that all is well. After she has spoken she blesses you and after this you sit in the energy of the greatest peace as the sunlight filters in through the windows covering everyone present in a golden glow.

With love Margaret



March Moon Circle

The moon is full on March 31st in the sign of Libra; Libra brings the scales and it is a sign of balance and so with the energies of this monthís moon you have the opportunity to create harmony within. Balance implies many things, the balance of mind, body and spirit but also the balance within of heaven and earth. This spiritual path is about striving towards enlightenment so that we create a union of heaven and earth and we are not separate from anything at all.


Here of the teachings for this monthís full moon:

Draw down the light of Sirius into your Crown and radiate it through you and around you.

The balance to be obtained from this Libran full moon for you personally is about the bringing together of heaven and Earth within you. If you have too much worldly energy you will be out of balance and if you have too much spiritual energy you will be out of balance also and so you must make sure that these two aspects of yourself and your life are equal.

We can use symbols to create balance within and indeed many of you practice Reiki and you use your symbols in your healing work. Symbols are so important to us and they have been since ancient times and at this very moment with the fullness of this moon our attention is being drawn in a much deeper way to these symbols.

It is very interesting that in ancient times the same symbols appeared in different cultures when there was no interaction between them and so it is very apparent that these were received from other dimensions. You are going to work with one of the most powerful symbols of all and I must say to you to be very aware of the power of this symbol when you use it.

The symbol is the vesica pisces, two interlocking circles. This is the symbol of the union of heaven and Earth and it is the symbol of creation, it is a symbol of the divine feminine and so much more. This is the symbol for the Chalice Well Gardens in Glastonbury; it is amongst the pools of water and on the cover at the wellhead.

You are to work with this symbol and yet this whole experience is very simple indeed, there is no journeying to be done only the merging with the symbol and the connection to the very high energy which you will feel. This is an experience of discovery to fully enter into the symbol and see where it leads you and what it has to teach you. Symbols are gateways, portals into other realms and they are also conscious, as conscious as any spiritual teacher and so they can become a teacher also.

Prepare yourself for the union with this symbol by drawing down the full moon light over you so that you are encased within the light of the moon. Then with the power of the mind increase the light of the moonlight so that it is brighter than you have ever seen it before. You are to bathe in that light and take it in and immerse yourself totally in its brilliance and radiance and take time to do this. The more light you have within the more you are able to see into the deeper mystical realms.

With your hand draw in the moonlight in front of you the symbol of the vesica Pisces and then go and stand in the central part of it. Sit down once more and see yourself going through the Gateway which is the central part of the symbol and you are to see where it leads you as you allow the visions to unfold.

Priestesses in ancient times worked deeply with symbols and this is why they were carved into the temple walls and onto the things which they used in their sacred work. There are many symbols still present at ancient places but at this time when we are being asked to work with the symbols there are new ones being brought to us; the origins of many of the symbols in the past were given directly from spirit and now they will be again.

Put on your black priestess cloak and it will be your transport to take you to a place called the cave of symbols and when you enter inside you will see that the walls are covered in symbols which you have never seen before. You are to take one of the symbols from the wall and as you sit with it you will receive direct information which will be channelled to you about the meaning of this and what it can do for you.

The vesica Pisces means the bladder of the fish which represents a container of water so we know that it brings the water element from which all things are born.

The Chalice Well Garden in Glastonbury is one of the most healing and sacred places in the world and if ever you have been blessed to visit there you will have felt it. The Vesica Pisces is the total expression of the divine feminine and this is why it was chosen for this beautiful garden for it is the goddess herself.

You are to go to this very special garden under the full moon light so that your own divine feminine, the part of you which is a total expression of the goddess can come fully into the light. You travel to the garden and you find yourself in the lower pools and you go in them to purify and cleanse yourself.

You then go to the well head at the top of the garden and you look at the beauty of the well cover which is the vesica Pisces and as you sit there Mary Magdalene appears to you, dressed in the deepest pink, the colour of the sacred feminine. She opens her hands and shows you the same symbol but it is made of rose quartz and she comes to you and she places it in your sacral chakra and this symbol then sinks deep into your womb or your womb space if you do not have one.

As you receive the symbol into the deepest part of your sacred feminine self something very powerful takes place within you, it is as though someone has activated some ancient part of you and you fully accept your female essence.

You receive healing from Magdalene here in the garden and the peace which permeates your heart is so deep and profound.

Keep using this symbol in your work and in your healing, remembering that it brings the perfect balance of heaven and Earth.

Enjoy the full moon and may you receive many blessings to enrich your life.

With love Margaret



February Moon Circle

The moon is full on March 2nd and it is in the sign of Virgo. The energies of this full moon are very gentle and nurturing as the virgoan energy is but there is also a subtle powerful feel to it as well.

You are well acquainted with all the phases of the moon and you understand what they mean from the new beginnings of the new moon to the fullness of the full moon. The full moon is all about bringing things to completion having worked through the 28 day cycle but it is also about shining more light on everything in your life for it is at that time where you have access to the full light of the lunar energies.


Here are the teachings for Marchís full moon:

Draw down the light of Sirius in through your Crown radiating the Starlight through you and around you.

The whole feeling of the energies for you to work with for this full moon are of coming together in the sisterhood in a circle of ceremony and sharing. One of the strongest aspects of our work when working with the moon is the closeness and the bonding which forms between others in the ways which we have followed since ancient times.

Manifest a silver chalice in your hands and draw down the light of this full moon into the chalice and then say a prayer over the contents of the chalice afterwards drinking deeply from it.

Allow the moonlight to fill every part of you so that you are totally immersed in its vibrations. Then you will find that you are transported at night under this full moon to the edge of the sea. As you feel the moonlight within you, you connect to the rhythm of the waves and the tides which are under the influence of the moon. As you do this you become aware of the rhythms within you which like the tides are influenced by the moon.

You then begin to chant the sacred sound of MA.

This is the sound of the mother for the moon represents mother energies; this is why working with the moon is so nurturing. This is an extremely powerful chant and it will affect you very deeply indeed so be prepared to accept the strong energies which are awakening within you.

Connect to the chant, to the moon, to the sea and to the white light within you as you fully embrace and receive these wonderful energies.

When we come together under the moon we enter very sacred space, it is a safe space where you can release from deep within.

Manifest a black cauldron and as you hold it empty out any old feelings into it. You can speak of those things which are worrying you, you can speak of those things which you cannot let go of, you can speak of those things which bring you great joy and gratitude, you can speak about anything at all.

When the cauldron is full then with your mind transform the contents into a fire and see that fire burning bright. Then take a handful of that fire and sit with it and you will receive a message for yourself. This message will be a personal message to help you in your life. Then place the cauldron before you placing all your dreams into the fire inside for the fire to activate your wishes.

You are to become the moon, to become the moon completely and as you do this the moon will speak through you bringing words of wisdom, positive messages and encouragement for your path and for the future of the Earth.

As you sit under the full moon you will receive a flower from mother Earth and you are to become that flower, you are to become totally that flower. You will sit within the vibrations of that flower accepting its healing and its meaning filling up with the transforming energies which it brings.

After a little while be aware that you are linked up to other flowers, each one another person and you are to see those flowers now become a bunch of flowers.

As you do this there will be a huge expansion of the energy between you and you are to send that light out to the world, the light of the flowers and their healing qualities all wrapped up in the love and compassion of each one of you.

There is a term of endearment in the part of the UK where I originate from and it is the word flower. You call someone flower as a term of friendship. Each one of you is a very special flower but just as you have come together as a bunch and just as a garden contains a wealth of flowers, when we all come together, all of us flowers, we create a greater energy than ourselves individually. So let us become a great garden of flowers and gather together with other flowers who share our love of the Earth and let us spread our healing colours and vibrations right across the world so that the earth can once more become a garden of Eden where peace resides.

May you blossom and bloom wherever you are, bringing joy and healing to everyone you meet.

With love Margaret



January Moon Circle

The moon is full on January 31st in the sign of Leo.

When we work with the moon and all its phases we are working with pure feminine energy and the expression of that feminine energy is the goddess. We work with the goddess in many forms or we can just work with the goddess herself however each goddess brings her own energy for she is an archetype. A goddess is a thought form, an idea which can manifest into form. Working with all the goddesses allows us to explore different aspects of ourselves for each archetype of a goddess is already within us for we are made of many parts of the whole.

The energy which has been building up towards this full moon is of the goddess Aphrodite, she is so present at this time and her energy will cover this moon both before and afterwards. If you think of the name Aphrodite you immediately hear the words love and beauty and so in truth Aphrodite is no different from the idea of love or beauty and when we work with these things we work with Aphrodite.

She comes to work with you with the blessings of this full moon to reveal more of the truth of the beauty within and she also brings you the greatest healing which is love.


Draw down the light of Sirius in through your Crown, filling up with its Starlight and then radiating it out and around you.

Before you begin to work with the teachings of Aphrodite you are to meet her and see her with new eyes and because this full moon energy is imbued with her essence you will connect to her through this moon.

Take yourself up to the moon and there you will find a doorway within it; you step inside into the most brilliant white light and that light fills your being within and without so that you are lit up like a beacon. There is so much light around you that you can see with crystal clear clarity and as you look there manifesting before you is the goddess Aphrodite. You have never seen her so clearly and you have never seen her beauty before in this way and you have never been touched by her love as deeply as you are now.

Aphrodite hugs you and welcomes you with her heart touching your heart as you embrace and you then study her and notice everything about her and you speak to her and you hear her sweet voice and listen to her wisdom for she is love manifest.

You are the goddess herself and all the aspects of the goddess are also within you and the more you grow in your spiritual journey the more you transform into your goddess self, this is the ultimate aim of all your hard work. You are now going to become Aphrodite; she will not be outside of you for you will be her so that you can experience first-hand the idea of her which is love and beauty. Take great notice of the symbolism of this journey for it is in the symbolism where your teachings lie.

The white light of the goddess surrounds you and as you walk through the light you find yourself in the sea. You are almost submerged in the water and you feel and touch the water and let it run through your hands. This water represents your emotional body and your past and it is now time for you to rise up from your past from your old emotions.

As you contemplate this, a group of beautiful mermaids gather around you in a circle splashing and filled with joy and they lift you up out of the water and as they do bubbles of sea foam gather beneath your feet so that you are standing upon the foam. You understand what this means for you have risen up out of the watery depths of your emotions up into the light helped by these wonderful mystical beings.

There is the most incredible feeling within you of Ascension as you actually feel a great uprising of your energies.

The sea foam brings you to rest upon the most beautiful beach and you look around at your surroundings. You see the rocks, the cliffs and mountains in the distance and the Sun shining so warmly upon you while the sea is the brightest turquoise colour; what a beautiful place this is. You begin your assent upon the path to the top of the cliffs and you look down and see magical coves below you and the land behind you covered in carpets of flowers.

You see a path and you travel along this path and this is the path of your life for you are travelling this path as the goddess Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty and as you walk along this path you are acknowledging the beauty within you. It is not the beauty on the outside which matters for Aphrodite teaches us about the beauty within and we often do not see it ourselves but now you see it in truth. You see how kind and giving you have always been in your life, you see how you have made sacrifices for others, you see how much love you have always given away. For the first time in your life you now accept yourself as beautiful for you are the goddess Aphrodite.

Upon this path you observe but you do not connect to people whom you have met in your life or people in your current life and you look beyond the outer shell of them and you see the beauty within them. You understand as never before what has made them as they are, you see how they have suffered as you have and they too tried their best. As you look upon all these people upon your path, the path of your life you bless them all with love for you have seen deep into their hearts.

You hear the sound of the waves and as you hear their beautiful music you realise that you are in a cave at the edge of the sea. What peace there is in this cave and you are perfectly content. In this cave you find a pink rose quartz crystal heart and you sit with it in your hands. As you hold this crystal something unfolds within you as you find yourself opening and opening. All you can feel is love but this is like no other love you have ever felt before for it is heavenly love, it is pure and vast and it carries the most peaceful vibration of all. You feel as though you are part of a huge wave of love and this wave of love flows through everything in existence. This love is not like earthly love or even unconditional love it is the purest form of love for it is cosmic love, the love which comes from the light from which you have been created.

The island of Cyprus was the main producer of copper; the name Cyprus means copper and because of the vast amounts of it there it has always been a very powerful healing place for copper heals. Copper is the metal which corresponds to the planet Venus, the planet of love and when you work with copper you also work with Venus.

You are taken to Cyprus to a beautiful place of healing and you lie down upon the ground; as you do this you feel the vibrations of the copper within the Earth reaching up and healing you with its light. The moment you connect to the copper the planet Venus is activated above you and she sends down her cosmic light to fill you and she sends down the five pointed star which surrounds you for this is her symbol.

As you lie down upon the ground you are healed by both heaven and Earth, by the copper and by Venus and your whole body, mind and spirit comes into complete alignment as you vibrate with the energies of the copper and Venus.

Enjoy this full moon and may you realise how great your inner beauty is and may you feel the heavenly love which has been brought to you.

With love,

Margaret x



December Moon Circle

The moon is full on December 3rd in the sign of Gemini and as Gemini brings the twins this is a moon of dark and light, of two polar opposites which need to come together in unity.

The teachings from this monthís full moon are filled with the essence of fairy tales for fairy tales embrace hidden ancient mystical knowledge and knowledge of light and dark. The ancient mystical teachings have been handed down and now we are beginning to remember them in the work which we do but fairytales have also retained this mystical knowledge and if we can look beyond the words and interpret the symbolism of them we have access to a great store of rich wisdom.


Here are the teachings for this monthís full moon:

Draw down the light of Sirius, taking it in through your Crown and radiating it through you and around you.

You are going to experience a fairy tale and you are going to be the central character within it and the fairy tale will be one of your own choice. Each fairy tale carries its own teaching and I will give you some examples. The Apple which was stuck in the throat of Snow White is symbolic of words which we have all held in and not spoken out. The dwarves in that same tale are symbolic of the gnomes, the great keepers of the wisdom beneath the Earth. In the same tale Snow Whiteís time spent with the dwarfs represented a personís service in the world and the Prince who came to save her represents spirit so that heaven and earth were unified at the time of their coming together.

Each tale is a story of the journey of the human soul as it makes its way through life learning its lessons from the situations it encounters and from the people whom it meets. The original fairies tales were so much different to the ones you probably remember from your childhood for they were filled to the brim with so much more and so much more symbolism.

So you are going to be part of your own fairy tale. Begin this journey by manifesting in your hands some fairy dust and then sprinkle it around you and feel the great lightness which enters your being as you take it in.

Go within and choose a fairy tale which you want to take part in and then transform into the central character. The rest of the journey is for you to move through the story and experience all the twists and turns and at the same time be fully present and fully aware of the symbolism of everything which they encounter and of its meaning in the development of the human spirit.

Afterwards sit with the realisations which you discover and find the ultimate teaching of the tale so that you may be able to apply it to your own life.

In fairy tales there is often a fairy godmother and this carries great symbolism for she is the divine protectoress which we all have; you can see your own fairy godmother however you wish, she may appear to you as a fairy, as a wise woman or even as your own higher self. In times gone by fairies were actually called mothers and so we can see what wonderful nurturing vibrations that working with fairy energy brings us.

Draw down the full moon light and feel it flow throughout you and see it going to all the dark corners of your being bringing the light to every part of you. The light now shines bright within you and it is as though someone has turned on the light outside of you too. You feel the light around you and you sense that it is deeply mystical but you know that there is someone there and out of the light there appearing before you is your very own fairy godmother.

You become acquainted with this wonderful Guardian who has always been there for you and you receive her nurturing care and also guidance and direction for your own life. She tells you that she will always be present and that you can always call upon her when you need her. When your time together is completed she will give you a gift to bring back, a magical gift for you to use which will be a constant reminder of her presence in your life.

We have the light of the full moon and also the greatest transformational point of the winter solstice several weeks later and this is indeed a great turning point of the year as we wait for the return of the Sun to come back to the Earth.  The earth is waking up and the goddess prepares to give birth.

Feel the goddesses gather around you. They come to bring their messages for this very important time of the year. They will bring you messages, messages of inspiration about the rebirth of mother Earth which is soon to come.

I hope you all have a very blessed full moon and also I wish you many blessings for the coming winter solstice and I send you peace for Christmas time.

May your fairy godmother bring you great comfort and reassurance as this year draws to a close and may she be with you as you stand at the brink of the New Year to come and may much magic always grace your future path.

I wish you much love, peace and joy,




November Moon Circle

The moon is full on November 4th in the sign of taurus and this moon has a strong connection to Neptune; Neptune brings the water element and a very strong connection to the unconscious mind and the depths of our spiritual being for it is a very spiritual planet.


Here of the teachings for this monthís full moon:

Draw down the light of Sirius in through your crown, filling up with this starlight and then radiate it out and into the circle.

The presence of Neptune within the energies of this monthís full moon takes us back to the very ancient time of Lemuria which was a culture very much associated with the water.

There is much history upon this planet way beyond any written history that we know of for we go back much further in time than is written in any books. There was an ancient land called Lemuria which is where the Pacific Ocean is now and it included the island of Hawaii. Due to rising water levels this land flooded and the inhabitants fled to different parts of the world and particularly to Egypt. The Lemurians were the keepers of much ancient knowledge and those that travelled to other lands carried the secret knowledge with them; much of that knowledge was kept hidden because in the new cultures which rose up there was not the higher level of consciousness which had existed in Lemuria and the secrets had to be guarded.

This was a land not as many have portrayed filled with very advanced technology, it was not like that at all, it was a place of simple living but yet the people who inhabited there had a higher consciousness and so they lived a very positive and deeply spiritual existence.

Let me take you back to that time and let me show you the role which you had as a priestess in that land and of how the role of women was so balanced and honoured and this is what we are trying to return to in this present time.

In that culture women were respected because of their deep connection to their inner wisdom and their lunar self for the males knew how much power the women had. Even though since that time there have been dominant female societies most cultures have been male dominated and this is because somewhere within the ordinary consciousness is the knowledge of how much power women did indeed have in those ancient times and so it was continually suppressed thereafter.

I will take you back for you to reclaim what you left there so that you may bring it back into the present with the full understanding of who you truly are. This is never the case of the female being any greater than the male it is a case of perfect balance with both acknowledging the power within each and equality but the time has come now where the female light must be re-established in harmony and equality as never before.

Draw down the watery aspects of the light of his full moon as you fill up with not only the lunar energies but also the Neptunian vibrations.

As you sit within this wonderful white light a very tall female also in white light will appear to you, she is a Lemurian for they were very tall beings.

You recognise her energy and you know that you must go with her and she takes you back through the mists of time to the ancient land of Lemuria which is where the Pacific Ocean is now.

When you arrive there are other priestesses waiting to greet you as they welcome you back to a place you have lived before. You will relive a life which you have spent there and you will learn over again how you worked with the moon and the female energies.

The men in that culture knew that when the moon was full you were filled with such power and had such great abilities for healing and creation. Women are governed by the moon and their menstrual cycle in the natural state lasts 28 days like the cycle of the moon and they will menstruate and ovulate at either the full moon or the new moon. Most women menstruate at the new moon and this is known as the White moon cycle and those who menstruate at the full moon have a cycle which is known as the red moon cycle.

Menstruation at the full moon is deeply spiritual for the women have greater access to the energy of spiritual creation, healing and manifestation rather than procreation. In Lemuria the women ovulated at the full moon for they knew how to harness their inner energies for the good of their community for healing and the fertility and the land. Be aware of this as you return back to your roots and as you spend time with your priestess sisters you will awaken to your deep connection to the lunar cycles and you will remember how you menstruated when the moon was full and you will stand within your own power as you never have before.

You will experience those things which you were able to do in that life and you will see how you would always make a deeper connection to the moon when it was full and you would feel your inner energies and you would go and use them for the benefit of everyone. The creative force within you would be so abundant that you would walk in the fields and the crops would be fertilised. You could make plants sprout just by being close to them and fruit ripen upon the tree by the application of your light for you were a walking beacon of light and everything you touched came to life through your closeness.

You will experience that life again and it will change you for you will finally understand what it means to hold the divine female energy within you and you will be given a greater understanding of why that light was suppressed in the ages to follow. You will return back from this journey awakened and it will be as though something within you has switched on. Remember that even if you are past childbearing age and even if you have had your womb removed you still have the spiritual energies within you of your womb and you are still deeply connected to the cycles of the moon. Some of you may even find that the rhythm of your cycle changes after this journey of remembering for it is one of the most powerful journeys you will make.

Remember we are so powerful through our connection to the moon, in more ways than you have ever considered possible and by your recent connection to the ancient land of Lemuria you will now begin to remember. 

At this time of year the land is filled with spidersí webs and the web is brought to you now for it is extremely magical; the web brings not only a connection with all things it also brings the weaving of dreams into your life.

Let the weaver goddess come to you now and she will help you to spin a web of light and you will place that web across the Earth and bring a greater sense of unity and connection with all beings. Sit within the web with her and she will bring you teachings of the sacredness of it for even though you understand its magic there is so much more which you have not seen yet so let her come and bring you the deepest teachings of it.

Spiders webs are extremely healing and they have long been used to heal wounds and so we can understand that these beautiful formations can heal both body and mind for they contain the most magical properties.

You now see before you the most beautiful wood and it is hung with spidersí webs with the sun shining through them and creating rainbow lights on their shimmering threads, you feel as though you have entered wonderland to be a witness to so much beauty.

You see that there is a hammock made of many webs and you go and lie down in it to be soothed by the softness and the gentle rocking motion of it. As you lie down you find you are encircled by beautiful elementals who seem to be made of gossamer light just like the spidersí webs and they rock you like a baby in a cradle and they sing lullabies to you and as they do you are healed and soothed like never before.

May this monthís full moon take you to the depths of your unconscious self to find and retrieve your true nature and true power as a great force of healing and creation.

With love Margaret



October Moon Circle

The moon is full this month on October 5th and it is in the sign of Aries, a fire sign ruled by Mars so we have a very powerful energy available to us.

These teachings which I will bring to you from this full moon will go deeper than any I have provided for you before for they are dark, mysterious and deep. This work which we do is filled with light and lightness and the joy and the delight of our connection to the unseen worlds of nature and the cosmos but as we progress we have to go deeper and deeper into the self and into all the realms within realms which are around us and within us.

We are here upon this planet first and foremost to heal ourselves and everything else we do comes second to this even the healing and teaching work we do for others. The cause of all our distress and emotional pain is fear, this one word encompasses everything and most of us in fact all of us have brought fear into this life from many other lives. We have lived in fear because of our beliefs and have had to keep them hidden time after time and there are memories stored deep within us about those lives where we could not speak of what we knew. Those lives will be revealed to you only at the right time and only with spiritís bidding.

The fear runs deep within us all colouring every lifetime and it has its origins in one particular lifetime so far back in time that you couldnít even count the years.

So I will prepare you first of all by letting you know that this monthís full moon energy is very deep indeed and within it you will connect to your own fear. Remember that behind the fear is true wisdom and the true self so that when you uproot your fear you are left with yourself, stripped away into your full power, power which many of you gave away many lifetimes ago.

This is a world of separation from the first emanations from the source which provided yin and yang, light and dark and our journey here is a journey back to light and wholeness but as part of this journey we have to completely embrace both the light and the dark. Any spiritual path which rejects the dark is not authentic for that darkness is our own fear.

If we were saints there would be no separation within us but we are not for we are all just becoming.


Here are the teachings for this monthís full moon:

Draw down the light of Sirius into your Crown and radiate it through you and around you.

Draw down the light of this Aries full moon in a way you never have before, feel every particle of that light as it enters your being, feel yourself in direct Communion with the moon as its vibration flows into you. The light of this full moon is an awakening for you and so spend time to completely and wholeheartedly be immersed in it.

This moonlight shines brighter than any other moonlight you have drawn in before and it shines down into the very depths of your being and to all the dark places of the self. Within that light you now delve down into your being, into the roots of who you are, feeling yourself going deeper and deeper. When you do this you will then be aware of a very strange vibration deep down in your body, this will be followed by a sensation of something pushing up through you in a spiral, there may be much pressure with this but it is all right, it is safe, just go with it.

Allow the sensation to completely rise up within you and you will then feel your mouth beginning to open and as it does a snake emerges from it and that snake will land in a spiral at your feet. As you gaze in complete amazement of what you have released this snake now begins to take on the form of a being and this being is your fear. You face your fear and see it as a living being. The feeling from this being is Pan, the horned God and you realise with a greater understanding why the churches transformed this spirit of nature into the devil. The devil represents fear and because of the churchís fear of the ancient gods and of Pan the very essence of nature, he was transformed into the devil to make people fear and conform.

You feel this as you gaze upon your fear for indeed it is your fear which you are now confronting; it belongs to you and to no-one else and it has travelled with you from lifetime to lifetime.

This being before you tells you that it will now accompany you and walk by your side, you are not afraid of him but yet you can feel your own deep fears being stirred within you. As you walk with him he brings you the greatest realisation of what lies beneath your fear, of one word which tells you what it is all about. One thing which has created every fear within your life. You can trace this fear back to the very beginning when the seed was planted.

You can see with the greatest clarity how that fear has coloured every situation in your life and of how it has drawn to you people and pain to enable you to fully acknowledge it time and time again. Now for the first time you can understand the essence of it, of that one word which has touched everything. Fear is behind anger, resentment, guilt and so many more emotions; always look behind the feelings you have carried to discover their source.

As you walk with this being at your side and converse with him about your fear you will feel a great sense of strengthening taking place within you and the strangest feeling of your original self before the fear was planted coming back into being. Fear will walk by your side and you will become his friend and he will be your teacher to enable you to resolve your past, he will bring lightness and humour as well so go to meet him for you are ready.

The first teaching was very deep and it is the basis of all your work on yourself and what you do for others for others come to you with fear behind all their situations and you can only understand and help them when you have explored your own inner state.

Something has been released within you something so deep going back to the mists of time that it has now created an opening for the real you to emerge and you are now to experience her like you never have before. Iím sure you have had moments out in nature under the moon, around the fire outside or raising your arms to the wind and the rain where you have felt that you were truly yourself but you have only touched the surface so now go beyond the fear which was pushed down deep within you to find the real you.

Feel the wind come around you, it wraps around you becoming stronger and stronger and then it lifts you up and transports you into the wildness and ruggedness of Scotland, a land which symbolises ancient wild vibrations. You are in the mountains with mist all around you and the wind howling and this landscape feels very familiar to you for deep within you is a great love of the wild places.

As you stand within this place your clothes begin to drop from you and as each set of clothes falls away another one is there beneath them covering you and they too drop away. This continues as layers and layers of yourself peel away like the layers of an onion. The clothes represent the thoughts you have worn, often thoughts you have put upon yourself. This continues for such a long time until a huge gust of wind comes and then it carries all these clothes away and they transform into a huge Black bird and the bird comes back and stands and watches you. You begin to yawn as though you were awakening from a deep, deep sleep and you feel within you even down to your DNA something is wakening up. You then feel a very strong vibration come from the mountains in through the soles of your feet and bit by bit it moves up your body. This vibration is you, your true self, the part of you who is wild and deep and mysterious and is part of mother Earth. As the vibration moves through you you feel a sense of power return and you feel no fear and you have a great understanding within yourself that no person will ever again stop you from speaking your truth. No-one will ever, ever do this again to you for you have released the fear which was planted within you which stopped you from being yourself and speaking your own truth.

You then travel through the mountains accompanied by the huge Black bird totally renewed and at one with the elements and everything around you.

Because this has been a huge letting go you now need some nurturing and sweetness to complete this experience.

You see before you a tunnel of rainbow sparkling lights for this is the entrance to fairyland and the fairies are the keepers of lightness and sweetness. You travel down the tunnel marvelling at the beautiful twinkling lights and when you reach the end you emerge into fairyland.

A group of fairies standing tall and flowing wait to greet you and they take your hands and lead you along a path which leads to a bower of sweetness. The fairies contain great healing within them and they more than anyone bring us wonderful reassurance and comfort after we have experienced anything challenging.

You enter the bower of sweetness and you see before you a beautiful space surrounded by every type of climbing rose and the perfume enters your whole being. In the centre of the bower is a bed of light of every colour of the rainbow and they ask you to lie down upon it softness and they then set to work to nurture you and reassure you with sweetness. They bring many healing remedies and each one is sweet and you marvel at what you experience. They bring golden nectar for you to drink; they make oils from the sweetest flowers to rub upon your skin. They bathe your feet with dew which they collected from honeysuckle and they place the perfume of sweet peas in your aura. This is the most magical healing you have ever experienced and it continues to soothe you and fill you with such sweetness the like of which you have never experienced before.

May you be healed deeper than you ever have been before this month and may you release the roots of all your fears and may the sweetness of the fairy realms nurture you in the best possible way.

With love,




September Moon Circle

The moon is full on September 6th in the sign of Pisces. The sign of Pisces is governed by the water element, it is deeply spiritual and so we have the watery energies of the full moon and the watery energies of Pisces this month enabling us to make a very deep connection to the hidden realms of spirit.


Here are the teachings for this monthís full moon:

Draw down the light of Sirius into your Crown filling up with the Starlight and radiating it out and around you.

Moonlight is creative energy and we can use it when the moon is full to enable us to manifest and create within ourselves. By making a deeper connection to this monthís full moon with its deeply spiritual aspects of Pisces within it we can harness this energy like never before and use it to fulfil our wishes and dreams and to create a greater opening to the gifts which we have inside.

Manifest in the Palm of your hand the ancient symbol of the moon goddess, the triple moon symbol. Place this symbol as silvery light upon your forehead . This symbol is a doorway which awakens you to the great mysteries within so as you do this treat it like a ceremony as you perform it in a very sacred way.

The energies of this full moon enable us all to go so much deeper within, far deeper than we have ever been before for it is only there where you will find the hidden ancient teachings and the deepest healing for your own soul.

Focus upon your third eye where the symbol has just been placed and then sit with this until you have fully connected to it and you will then see the central part of the symbol, the full moon, as a doorway, a moon gate and they will see that gate opening as you step through it.

At the other side of the gate you will be greeted by a circle of 13 moon goddesses with you at the centre of them; they welcome you into their circle with much love and warmth. They then gather around you and draw from you the old moon energy which you have within for we all contain within us the vibrations of the Sun, the moon and the stars. Each month we absorb the moonís energy and each month it is renewed.

They draw the old moon energies from you and once they have done this those energies will fall away from you and transform into a new gown of moonlight which they will ask you to put on. Remember always and this is extremely important that you must never take away the old energies and leave them lying around, they must always be transmuted into something else and put back for after all these energies already belong to us for we have created them.

As you put on the new gown you feel filled with lightness and the goddesses then lead you to the most beautiful carved wooden bed filled with soft pillows and the wood is inscribed with ancient symbols and as you lie down upon it you feel as though you are sinking back into the ancient mysteries.

The goddesses begin to chant, a chant you have never heard before but it touches you to your core. Then in unison they all place their hands over your womb or your womb space if your womb has been removed. This area of your body is your creative centre and it is where you can manifest the greatest creativity. As the goddesses chant they draw down the light of the Piscean full moon and it radiates as a great beam of light into your womb area.

When this has been completed you will see the moon energy create a huge fire of moonlight within you and you feel it coursing through every part of you renewing your energies and renewing your creativity. When this is completed the moon goddesses will speak to you and discuss your life and how you can use these renewed energies and of how you can create a much better life filled with so much positive energy drawn from the moon.

Still dressed in your white gown of light you draw down the full moon and sit with it upon your lap and as you look at the moon it becomes a crystal ball so as you look into it is milky whiteness you begin to be shown visions of your past and your future.

You manifest in your hands a gift for yourself, a present and this gift will be fashioned from moon light and it will have great meaning. Go deep into its symbolism understanding what it means for you.

Draw down a beam of moonlight and let it become your transport out into the universe and prepare yourself for a journey of travelling amongst the stars. You find yourself ascending high above the Earth within this beam of light and you pass the moon and observe it in a much deeper way, you then travel throughout the universe visiting the moons of other planets showing you that we not only have access to the moonlight of our own planet but to the moons of many, many others. As you connect to different moons you can draw their light into your being too so that you truly are at one with the universe.

I wish you all many Equinox blessings and may you all move into your own inner harvest of wisdom and the deepest inner knowing.

With love Margaret



August Moon Circle

What an exciting month ahead we have with very potent astrology filling the skies.

The moon is full on August 7th in the sign of Aquarius. We are now just emerging into the age of Aquarius, we are at the very threshold of the new beginning for the Earth. The sign of Aquarius is ruled by the element of air and it is known as the water bearer and its essence is all about bringing completely new ways of thinking into the world. Those born under the sign of Aquarius are the innovators for the planet.

So we can see that this full moon asks us if we want to stay stuck in the ways of the past or do we wish to move forward into something brand-new and if we can embrace completely new ways of thinking we then will have indeed stepped into the age of Aquarius.

In this work which we do we combine the wisdom of ancient times with a modern outlook to create something completely new. Religions will eventually pass away and there will be a new religion for the Earth and we are the ones who are bringing this to pass. This new religion is a blend of the wisdom of the Earth and the most sacred holy vibrations when we connect to the divine, the source of all.

The Earth is our church, it is our Temple and many of you will have already said this and when you go and commune with nature you feel the greatest peace as you connect to all things. As you know the Earth has consciousness and everything within it has the ability to speak to us and bring us teachings. It is also the most sacred place and if we can lift ourselves onto the right level of awareness we can have access to a greater vision.

Religions will eventually disappear for even though the core teachings are always good and true much has been distorted due to the interference of human nature. As some of you know I have not only a great passion for nature but I also have a great devotion for the essence of Hinduism for it brings bhakti which is devotion and that devotion is all about the opening of the heart and a connection to something greater than ourselves. At the very heart of the vibration of Hinduism there is something so very sacred that you can almost touch, the peace and divinity within it.

Many of you will use the most beautiful chants of mother Earth but try adding a Hindu chant and you will understand what I am saying. I am not asking you to follow that way only to take from these words the very essence of that path which I can only describe as a feeling of such sacredness and holiness that it brings you in contact with the unlimited consciousness of creation.

So we are now at the beginning of a new path and it is on time for last week the energies of the Earth were upgraded creating a great opening in the connection between us and the planet. Now we begin completely and you are embracing your love and passion for this blessed Earth of ours and at the same time imbuing that passion with something so divine which comes from deep within you.

The teachings from this monthís aquarian full moon bring a new beginning, a new energy as we acknowledge that we now have indeed stepped into a new time.


Here are the teachings for this monthís full moon:

Draw down the light of Sirius filling up with this Starlight and radiating it around you.

We use the word church or Temple to denote a place where we come together to honour the divine so let us call our new meeting point an Earth Temple and you are now going to be introduced to this very brand new sacred space.

Take yourself deep into the very heart of nature, to a place where people have not tread for a very long time so the energy is pure and clear. You see before you a round Temple made of wood. Be very aware of all the symbolism here. A round shape carries the essence of Infinity and in the future our places of connecting will always be round or dome shaped. The sign of Aquarius carries the element of air and air is the same element as wood and wood is the element of new beginnings just like the sap which rises up the tree in springtime.

You see that within this building there are huge arch shaped windows covering the whole circular wall and these windows are made of the purest crystal. You enter inside and immediately you are met with a brand-new energy which you have never felt before and as you watch the sun shine rainbows of light through the crystal windows you find yourself immersed in beautiful crystalline rainbow light so that you are wearing a gown of rainbow crystal.

In the very centre of the Temple is an altar, it too is made of wood with carvings of nature on the outside of it and it has the deepest green ivy draped all around. Upon the altar is a golden chalice made from a golden crocus flower and it is filled with golden nectar. Wildflowers sit in a vase made from a shell inlaid with mother of Pearl. The altar is the meeting place of all the shafts of rainbow light which enter through the Windows so that the whole altar is lit up with the most radiant light.

This Earth Temple is not only a place of a ceremony; it is also a place of healing and a place to gather to share from the heart with joy and laughter. Within this sacred place there are fountains of water, a crystal bed, even a fireplace so that all the elements are contained within it. Upon the fire can be brewed healing herbal teas from the herbs which are preserved on shelves nearby. There are soft cushions to sit upon, acorn cups to drink from and sweet honey cakes to be enjoyed along with the companionship from those who also enter this place.

As you explore this Earth Temple dressed in your crystal rainbow gown you feel the newness all around enter into your being and you know that you will take that newness with you after you leave this place and it will flow through every part of your life and your work.

You enjoy being here so much and you can do whatever you wish, you may wish to pray, to be healed, to go outside and adorn yourself with flowers and bring those flowers inside bringing the joy of them with you or you may wish to sit by the fire and be soothed with a healing brew and honey cake.

The animals too are free to enter here for the door is always open for this is a meeting place of heaven and Earth, a place to commune with all the things of the Earth and all the things of the cosmos. It is a place to meet all the nature spirits who look after the plant world and the animals who bring their medicine, the goddesses and gods and the great cosmic teachers who communicate with us from the highest realms of spirit and from other planets too. So step into this newness and initiate the very beginning of this sacred path of the union of heaven and Earth.

You are to return to the Earth Temple and there you will find a teacher waiting for you and this teacher will bring you wisdom, knowledge of this new beginning and knowledge of the Earth and of the heavens. You will receive much understanding from them.

You are to enter the Temple as the moon is full in the sign of Aquarius and the moonlight will shine through the crystal windows filling the whole space with it sacred light. The Temple will be lit up with the radiant white light and you are to lie down upon the crystal bed and allow the moonlight to heal you. From the moment you entered this sacred space everything now changes and is different and so when the moonlight enters the Temple you will understand more than ever how it has consciousness and that light will speak to you and guide you and it will take form before you. As you lie upon the crystal bed to receive the healing from the moonlight you will be caressed by its healing words and soothing light and from this moment your heart will be filled with a much greater understanding of how every single thing is filled with the consciousness of the divine and that we are not separate from anything else at all.

Enjoy these new beginnings and enjoy the new light during this month of August for we have no choice now but to step forward into new times.

With love Margaret



July Moon Circle

The moon is full on July 9th in the sign of Capricorn and Capricorn is the mountain goat, that great tenacious animal who can accomplish many things. The mountain goat does not let anything stand in its way as it climbs up often nearly vertical rock. We too can be like the mountain goat as we surmount all the obstacles which life brings to us and as you know these are our teachings.

Life is filled with teachings and the spiritual path becomes narrower the further you travel along it, it does not become easier. In the early days you lived more upon the surface but when you get to a certain stage you have to delve deep into the recesses of your mind and your being and it is there where you will find your true authentic self and it is this which is the goal of our journey.

This path can feel lonely at times especially if you do not have many others to share it with so it becomes even more important that you share even more of yourself with those who are on this same journey with you.

We need others to share our problems with and we need others to discuss spiritual matters with for we cannot speak of those things which are in our hearts to everyone whom we know, they would indeed think that we are very strange. To nurture one another is so important and sometimes we think we have to be strong, the spiritual warrior and although we need to be the warrior we can let our defences down in the presence of those in our spiritual circle.

The essence of this full moon is filled with nurturing, it is completely about nurturing and this is something we must remember time and time again to give to ourselves and to share amongst those around us. The teachings coming from this moon are for you, to nurture you and to let you know that you are safe and always looked after.

Here are the teachings for this monthís full moon:

Draw down the light of Sirius into your Crown filling up with the Starlight and radiating it out into the circle around you.

Have a chalice ready or a glass will do.

Hold the chalice up into the air and draw down the light of the full moon into it, then manifest from your hands chocolate which you blend with the moonlight. Chocolate is so sacred and it is the essence of nurturing  and even the brown colour of it brings nurturing. You may even wish to use actual chocolate as part of this ceremony.

Bless the contents of the chalice and then drink from it filling up with this heavenly drink allowing the mix to fill you in body, mind and spirit. Take a moment to feel the combined esssence of the moonlight and chocolate completely immerse you in its nurturing love.

As you fill up with a great sense of being looked after you find yourself transported out into the universe and as you look towards the stars two great hands reach out and take hold of you. These are the hands and the arms of the light of the cosmos and you are then held in an embrace the like of which you have never felt before and you know that you are safe and cared for.

In this moment you do not doubt that you are truly looked after. You then see before you a door opening amongst the stars and the light takes you to the door which you step through. As you reach the other side there waiting for you are your relatives and loved ones who have already passed over. They tell you that they are so grateful for this opportunity to show you how much they care and how much they are always there if you need them. They lead you forward into the most beautiful scene and all you can feel is safety and light. You are pampered and looked after and taken care of. You are given cups of tea and cake just as you would if you were entertained by your relatives upon the Earth.

This is your time, time for you to understand completely how looked after and nurtured you really are.

Before you there manifests a huge clear crystal and it brings light and understanding and clarity to you. You each take a piece of the crystal and hold it in your hands allowing it to travel up your arms and into your heart. You then ask any questions which you may have and you will receive your answers. Return to the crystal any time you need guidance. 

Manifest a roaring fire either outside in nature or in a cosy cottage kitchen. You are accompanied by cats and by dogs for our domestic friends provide such wonderful nurturing. You begin to sing a beautiful song and you drift off into a state of complete nurturing.

Your heart will open with these simple journeys so may your heart be blessed by much self nurturing and may you also be blessed too by spiritual companions to ease your way as you travel upon this sacred path.

With love Margaret



June Moon Circle

Juneís full moon occurs on June 9th in the sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is one of the most mystical and spiritual of all the signs and within it at 26 degrees is the galactic centre and so the teachings from this full moon will take you out into the very centre of our galaxy.

With this work we do many people spend a lot of time in the higher realms of spirit and out in the universe and the cosmos and even though this is part of what we do the majority of our work lies here upon the Earth where we need to be fully rooted. We have come here to work with the Earth and to help with its Ascension as well as our own. If you spend too much time in the higher regions of spirit you can become ungrounded and out of balance so remember at all times that we are meant to be here fully present upon the planet.

The teachings from this moon are very mystical and require you to open your mind as never before and observe and accept everything you see and feel. This work which we do which is not for everyone upon the spiritual path, it is only for certain ones who are deeply mystical, connects us to such profound energies that we become an even purer channel for the finer vibrations from the light.


Here are the teachings for Juneís full moon:

Draw down the light of Sirius in through your Crown filling you and then see it radiate out into the circle around you.

In this first journey you are to travel out into the universe but first of all you will make your connections and draw down the light of the full moon.

Connect to the full moon in the sky above you and draw down its light taking it in and filling yourself completely with it. Sit for a moment so that you fully absorb this lunar light allowing it to expand your consciousness so that you are ready for your cosmic travel.

As you feel the light within you it is as though you are made of unlimited particles of light and you feel that light within you begin to spin and after a while you feel a change in your consciousness and you see that you have travelled from the Earth to the Milky Way, the very centre of our galaxy. You have been brought to a planet much like the Earth but with its own vibrations. This is a planet with 13 moons and you can feel as soon as you arrive there the power of the lunar energy within this place.

You see before you a temple, the Temple of the 13 moons and you know that there are many other planets too inhabited by beings who work for the good of all just as you do. The Temple door opens and you step inside and there waiting for you are 13 priestesses, priestesses filled with so much light.

They welcome you and tell you that you have been brought here so that an exchange may be made of lunar light between you and the lunar light which you have within you will benefit their planet whilst their lunar light will bring great blessings to our Earth.

The 13 priestesses stand around you in the circle and you open your hands and see that the light which you took in from the full moon upon the Earth now begins to pour from you and is received in the hands of all these beings around you. You watch as your light enters them and they begin to shine with a greater radiance.

After this they lead you to the very centre of the Temple which is open to the sky and they ask you to draw down the light of their moons and you allow this cosmic lunar light to fill you from your Crown down through all your chakras. When this exchange of light is complete you sit with the priestesses and you begin to remember the lives you have lived on other planets too where you were a priestess and a healer and as you do this a great awakening takes place within you as you realise how many times you have done this work before.

When it is time to return back to the Earth you bid your galactic sisters goodbye and you return back to the Earth filled with the moonlight from their planet.

As part of the work we do and always have done in many other lives we have healed the Earth and it is always a very important aspect of everything we do. At this moment much light is needed upon the planet and you are being called to step up the light work which you do.

You are now joined together as one to send your light out to mother Earth.

You enter deep within the sanctity of your heart going deeper than you have ever been before until you come to an old door covered in cobwebs, it is so ancient for it hasnít been used for so very long. You open the door and you find yourself in a chamber specifically to be used for sending out the light and even though you are accustomed to sending out healing you have never before entered the deepest recesses of your heart to do this.

The vibration within this sacred space is like nothing you have felt before and so you prepare yourself to send out the light to the Earth, the light you will send out will be the lunar light which you have brought back from the planet which you visited. Just as your light will help that planet then the light you have received will help hours but it is galactic light and filled with the most cosmic vibrations of love and peace.

You feel the lunar light within you which you received from the 13 moons and you begin to channel it out into the world with the knowledge that you are doing this in unison with your sisters and you see this light spreading and covering everything until the whole world is lit up like a giant ball of light.

We meditate, contemplate, journey, hold ceremony and do so many other things as we work with the moon but praying is also very important and the whole of creation waits to join you in your prayers. We pray for the world and we pray for people whom we know need help but it is important also that you pray for yourself and this is not selfish for you must never be left out. Praying carries the same energy as meditation and sometimes it creates a much higher vibration.

Here is the scene where you are to pray. The sacred place which has been chosen is deep in nature but mingled with all the overgrown plants are the ruins of an old Abbey which looks as though it is part of the landscape. You begin to remember the feelings you have had when you have visited ancient sacred places, of the feelings from the old stones and the overgrown plants and of the wildness of nature and you remember how you could almost touch the divinity in everything. This is what you feel here.

You sit and prepare yourself to pray but as you do this there emerges from all around you all sorts of beings, elemental beings, tree spirits, ancient beings of light, animal spirits, fairies, Angels; they all step forward as a huge crowd to join in with your prayers. In your heart you are so aware of how much the world needs your help for all these beings are ready and willing to join you.

A great quietness fills this place as you begin to pray and you pray for the world and you pray for those whom you know who need help and last of all you pray for yourself. When you have completed these prayers you will find that those around you begin to communicate with you and they will bring you the help which you need and the answers to your prayers. You then know without a doubt that you never walk alone upon this Earth and that there is always help there and all you need to do is to sit and receive that help.

The teachings for June feel very holy, holy in the sense of wholeness for that is what holiness is, to be whole and in harmony. They feel very sacred and it is as though we are all being asked to take a step deeper into ourselves and open ourselves up to the great mysteries of life. From this moment know that you are a Mystic and the time has come for you to open the door for the Mystic knowledge to be released from deep within you.

I wish you many blessings for this month and may the light of the summer solstice light your way forward so that your path is always lit enabling you to see which way to go.

With love Margaret



May Moon Circle

The moon is full this month on May 10th in the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is governed by the planet Pluto who allows us to delve deep into our subconscious.

The teacher for this month is the Hawthorn tree, the Hawthorn carries the symbol of the goddess, the five pointed star at the end of the berries. The Hawthorn is the tree of the heart so how apt that she has come to bless us with her feminine presence within the lunar energies.

Here are the teachings for this monthís full moon:

Draw down the light of Sirius through you and around you out into the circle.

You will work with the energies of the moon at night time and so transport yourself out into the countryside in the middle of the night under the full moon and see yourself standing before a magnificent and huge Hawthorn tree.

Look up and watch as the moon shines its light down and covers the tree and then watch as the moon infused white flowers fall upon you and create the most beautiful dress, a dress made of moonlight and flowers.

You have lived so many lives gathered together under the full moon sharing your teachings and your wisdom and so you gather once again under this very special tree of the goddess and open yourself up to the ancient wisdom.

Mary Magdalene appears before you under the boughs of the tree and she tells you that it is time now to fully once again reclaim your divine feminine light. She explains to you that in lives gone by you had a great storehouse of knowledge of the magic of female energies and you knew how to use them to create transformation, healing and fertility.

You sit together under the tree and you are very aware of the power of her light and wisdom as she speaks to you about the energies of this time and of how there is a great expansion taking place at this moment of the divine feminine upon the Earth once again.

She then takes your hand and asks you to stand with your back to the tree and to feel the rising sap within it and she explains that at the same time your own Shakti, the divine feminine energy within you will rise up drawing up the deepest female vibrations within you and at the same time imparting ancient knowledge into your consciousness.

As this takes place you feel an explosion upon your Crown as great waterfalls of light pour from you and the more light you take in the more you begin to remember.

You remember the things you used to do and of how you used your female power, of how you understood the abilities of your energies at different times of your monthly cycle and used these to create and dissipate. You remembered how you would spill your blood upon the Earth in sacred ceremony to bring fertility to the land.

Into your consciousness comes all the times when you have performed sacred ceremonies, when a child was born, when two people were united as a couple, when it was time for a person to pass over and so many more.

You remember the objects you would make and fill with your light to create healing and manifestation for people; so much begins to pour through you.

With Magdalene by your side and the sacred goddess tree at your back you feel as though you have opened a huge doorway into the knowledge you have gathered from many lifetimes in female form and when this transmission is complete you will feel as though you have once again re-established the infinite power of yourself as a divine feminine being.

The Hawthorn tree brings powerful medicine and you are going to collect items from it to use in your healing practices.

You take yourself back to the tree and ask its permission to gather what you need from it then gather from it those things which can bring healing. The tree presents itself to you in all its seasons so that flowers and berries are present at the same time. You gather the berries to make medicine for the heart and the blood. You gather the leaves to make nourishing cakes to feed those who need a boost. You take off some of the thorns to use as acupuncture needles and you gather some roots to make powerful potions. A little of the bark is scraped off to make more remedies. You gather some of the flowers too for you know that these will help to heal the mind. Thank the tree for its blessed gifts.

Take the things you have collected into your apothecary or your cottage kitchen and place them in jars and bottles to be used then to heal yourself and others.

Open your mind to the infinite possibilities of the medicine of this very special tree.

When you would meet many moons ago you shared so much with your sisters, you shared your stories, you shared your dreams, your problems and your wishes for the future. You also shared your messages which you had received from your helpers in spirit. Take time now to manifest a fire around which you will sit with others and then allow one of your own guides to appear before you.  Tell them your story and ask for help and guidance and you will receive it.

Enjoy the full moon this month and the wonderful blossoms which are everywhere and when you pass by the Hawthorn tree nod your head in acknowledgement for the wonderful gifts it brings to you.

With love,




April Moon Circle

The moon is full this month on April 11th in the sign of Libra which brings the air element and balance.

The teachings from this monthís full moon bring to you the rites of spring for this moon is abundant in the springtime energies. In times gone by in lives you have lived in the far distant past way beyond any past that you already know of you celebrated spring each year in a very magical and mystical way for this is the season of rebirth.

The whole of these teachings centre around a ceremony for the rites of spring to enable you to fully enter into your own inner springtime no matter what is going on in your personal life. We always have the ability to create spring within us at any time.

Really feel your connection to all the blessings of the Earth and let it awaken within you those lives where you celebrated the cycles of the seasons for they were so important to you.


Draw down the light of Sirius, let it flow through you and radiate out around you.

This work is to be done in stages as you progress through the rites of passage of springtime.

Take time to manifest the abundance of the Earth at this season; manifest the woods, the hills, Meadows, old stones, vegetation and everything which goes with these; encourage use your powers of manifestation as never before.

As the energies around you become stronger you will see that it is night time and the moon is full. You look up at the sky at the full moon and then at the ground before you and you see a circular pool of liquid moonlight before you. Before any ceremony it is so important that a purification takes place so that you move from a worldly consciousness to cosmic consciousness.

Enter the pool of moonlight and bathe within it enjoying immensely the joy of the watery moonlight which cleanses and purifies you.

You are now going to create your gown for your ceremony and so you will manifest your springtime gown. When you have done this you also create a Garland of flowers to put in your hair. Just as when you were young and you would get dressed before going out for the night and you had so much fun then this also will bring in the same feeling.

You call in now all the goddesses of flowers and vegetation with the goddess Flora leading them all. You feel them come around you for they too will participate in your ceremony. Going deep into the scene before you it will become so very real as you see the goddesses all around you.

Flora gathers the dew from all the flowers which are growing nearby and she places it into a silver chalice. Dew has magical properties and she passes the chalice to you asking you to drink from it. You allow the dew to bring its energies of the dawn through every part of you, awakening you at the deepest level of your being so that a new dawn takes place within you and you will find that many things begin to dawn on you.

Flora then holds her arms out in front of her and she creates an arch covered in every type of flower you can imagine and the perfume coming from it is overwhelming. She leads you forward to the arch and you stand beneath it and the feeling is so beautiful you feel as though you have entered paradise. Flora speaks to you the most beautiful verse activating the spring season within you and it is as though you can see your way forward with such clarity as you never have before.

You step through the arch and you feel as though you have stepped into a new life and you feel filled with light and hope. All the goddesses clap as you make your way through the arch.

See yourself standing before a sacred well. Contemplate for a moment your connection to the water in the well which is symbolic of the source of all life and light and feel the new life stirring within you.

Place flowers around the well to dress it and then dance around it feeling renewed from this source of life.

A beautiful healing waits for you; this healing is to be done in what I can only describe as the Garden of Eden but in truth the Garden of Eden is a metaphor for the lands of light which exist within the realms of spirit. Eve who was said to be in the Garden of Eden was in fact the goddess Eve, the great goddess of nature who was used in the creation story to take away the power of women. Connecting to Eve connects you to your essential self.

See a door before you made of rainbow light and when you are ready step through that door and you will find yourself in a land which looks very much like the Earth but everything is made of light for you have entered another dimension. You look upon the scene before you in awe; there are gardens of such abundance, there are orchards in full blossom, there are Groves of trees and a landscape which looks like Arcadia.

You walk ahead and everything you touch leaves its light upon you, the essence and the colour of all things stays upon your skin and it heals you with its beauty and its power.

You find a place to sit and as you sit you soak in the vibrations of this paradise and you are joined by Eve who holds your hands and tells you that all is well and that the light is always here to heal you and reassure you.

Enjoy the flowery essence of this full moon and enjoy the abundance of nature which is at its height at this time. As without so within, so let yourself become a mirror of the rising abundant energies of the glorious springtime.

May you always blossom in the light.

With love Margaret



March Moon Circle

The moon is full on March 12th in the sign of Virgo and Virgo puts us very much in touch with the Earth.

We move into spring this month and spring is the time of the wood element and so the teachings this month come from that element. You are going to go through a process of getting rid of your dead wood so that you can grow new wood.

Before I begin I would like to share with you my recent experiences with the wood element.

During the gales we have just experienced in England some of our fence panels blew down and at the same time an enormous branch fell into the garden from a large tree growing next door. Graham replaced the fence panels and he chopped up the branch so that we had a huge pile of dead wood in the middle of our lawn waiting to be removed.

When we work with spirit we work with symbolism, this is the language of light and everything in our daily lives tells us what is going on around us.

For me this was all about the wood element, the old fence panels blew down at the same time as the old branch and both of these were old wood. The symbolism of the fence is about boundaries and so the teaching for me was to do with boundaries. It was time for me to reassess my personal boundaries and take another look at them. These are often a problem for many who work with spirit as you are so keen to give, to help others but we must also be aware that there are those who will always take and overstep your personal boundaries. This is a subject that constantly needs to be reassessed.

So Graham replaced the fence panels with brand-new wood so I knew that new wood was coming in. However today I decided to go on an inner journey and see myself as a tree still carrying dead wood. I did this and let go of the dead wood and the moment I opened my eyes Graham came in to see me and he told me that he had just removed the pile of old wood from our lawn, how timely and how wonderful is the language of symbolism. I knew that Graham had intended to move that today but as it is raining I never dreamt that he would. So within and without I let go of my old wood. I thought that Graham just gone into the garden to coat a beautiful new wooden toadstool I have been given as a gift in linseed oil to protect it and he had done this but unexpectedly he continued on to remove the dead wood.

Tomorrow when the oil has dried on my toadstool I will take it out in a ceremony and place it in my fairy corner in my garden, a testament to the bringing in of new wood into my life. Remember that the wood element connects to the liver and gallbladder, those organs where we hold in old anger and resentment. It is also the element of new beginnings where we begin again as we enter into our own springtime.


Here are the teachings for this monthís full moon:

Draw down the light of Sirius, in and through you and radiate it out into the circle.

Draw down the moonlight of this earthy Virgo Moon and fill yourself with the white light. The light within you will lead your way so let it lead you into an enchanted forest. Take note of every detail of your journey through the forest; let your eyes see with inner vision.

You eventually come to a huge clearing and you stand in the centre of it and you transform into an old gnarled Apple tree. You stand as the tree listening to the dawn chorus of the birds and you delight in such heavenly music.

You feel yourself as the tree and as you look down you can see how much dead wood you carry upon you. Contemplate upon this and look to your daily life and see where you carry dead wood and be totally honest in what you feel. The dead wood represents old ways of thinking, situations and people who do not belong in your life any more.

The dead wood then begins to crumble away from you and you watch as it falls to the ground. When it has fallen away it reveals you as the most beautiful Apple tree with only new wood upon you. You feel yourself grow through the seasons from your buds unfurling to your beautiful gown of pink blossom until eventually your fruits ripen. This is a symbol of the cycles of your life where you constantly move from dying and being reborn and then reaping the fruits of your own inner harvest.

You step out from the tree and you see that the dead wood which has fallen away from you has been transformed into the most glorious wooden staff and upon that staff are ancient carvings. This staff belongs to you for a staff is a symbol of support, of the support which comes from your own true self, from your soul, always there waiting to give you guidance.

You set off on a journey but before you do you gather some red apples from the tree and take them with you for this will be your food, your spiritual food to sustain you through the cycles of the coming seasons.

You return to the enchanted forest with your staff in your hand and you come to the most magnificent enormous tree and at the foot of its trunk is a fairy door, a doorway to an enchanted world. Remember that the fairies like the birds bring the wood element or the air element for the wood and the air are one and the same.

You enter through the door into such a magical world with your staff in your hand and you see a golden path before you. At the beginning of the path is someone waiting, a most magical person ready to lead you forwards. You set out on a journey into what you can only call fairyland and you gather stories, stories filled with wisdom and gifts to bring back. You will bring these stories and gifts back to reflect upon their meaning as the ancient stories and symbols and fairy tales are our birthright for the hidden wisdom has been concealed within these tales and objects.

You find yourself in the Forest once again at dusk and it is time for evensong, the song of the birds at this time of the day. You hear their call and you follow their music and you feel as though you are going to a Temple or a very special place to honour the divine.

You come to a place in the Forest where the song is at its height and you lie down on the soft mossy ground and you listen to an orchestra of such beauty all around you. As the birds sing you feel their songs going deep into your body and into your mind and even into the depths of your soul bringing harmony. If you have harmony you have healing and birdsong harmonises all the physical structures and systems of your body and harmonises your heart bringing peace to your mind and it eventually finds its way to your soul so that your soul sings with joy.

You are bathed in the currents of these sounds and you are touched to the depths of your being with such beauty and such sacred sound, a true orchestra of light.

Enjoy the spring energies and may you always grow new wood so that you blossom and Bloom like the trees at this time of the year.

I wish you all a very blessed Ostara,

With love Margaret



February Moon Circle

The moon is full this month on February 11th in the sign of Leo. Leo brings the Sun and a beautiful balance with the lunar energies. This month the moon shines in all her glory helping to awaken you to the memories and knowledge held deep within your soul.

You have worked beneath the moon in many lives and it is second nature to you to continue on this path in your present life. The true moon teachings belong in the past and if we can bring them forward and add to them then they are renewed and reactivated bringing information which you will never find in books or on the Internet.

True teachings come from within and as I share those which I received with you then blend them with what you receive for when you get to a certain point upon your spiritual path the door opens so that you remember all you have done before.

You have worked with the moon in so many ways and you have created great magic from her essence. You are now going to work directly with the lunar light so that you completely absorb her radiance and her hidden mysteries.


Here are the teachings for Februaryís full moon:

Draw down the light of Sirius into your Crown radiating it out into the circle around you.

Draw down the light of this monthís full moon into your heart and see that light penetrating deeper and deeper into the bottomless well which is your heart centre.

As you do this there are words to be repeated and these words carry the deepest Navy blue Ray:

may the light of the moon flow into your heart

so that you make a start

in remembering the ancient way

when you used her essence night and day.

Take in this light so deeply and let it flow out into your aura so that you are encased completely in it.

You will begin to feel a little bit strange as you find yourself detaching from where you are and drifting back, back in time to a life where the moon was part of everything which you did. It brought you healing, teachings and it nourished you as well in the same way as some people in this present day are nourished by the Sun.

You find yourself in a very ancient temple but this Temple looks like nothing you have ever seen before for it is indeed before any known history. You are not alone; you are in the company of other sisters of the moon.

Together on the night of the full moon you go outside and place vessels on the ground which will remain there for the duration of the night to capture the moonlight. When the dawn rises you gather these containers and take them into the Temple and then set about making many wonderful potions and remedies.

You observe this process which you participate in and you watch as the Temple becomes filled with many different healing remedies. This will feel familiar to you for you have done it before.

Some of the moonlight is kept to add to food for each day a little of it is added to what you eat.

When you have completed your task you will see yourself actually taking one of the remedies which is just right for you for your physical or your emotional health and you will also see yourself putting the moonlight into your food and eating it. You will observe how all of this makes you feel and you will bring that knowledge back into your present life so that you learn to use the moonlight in a similar way.

Return back to that same life with your sisters for you are going to harvest the moonlight in another way. Within the Temple garden is a pool of water and you go and sit there at night time under the full moon. You sit in a circle around the pool watching as the moonlight reflects upon the water. You meditate around the pool creating such wonderful healing vibrations.

Once again when the dawn comes you take your vessels and you fill them with moon water. As you do this the water feels like electricity as you gather it for it is totally infused with the healing lunar light.

You take the vessels once more back to the Temple and you place them in the most sacred part of the Temple for this moon water is to be used in all your ceremonies.

You then see yourself performing a ceremony with your sisters, you will know what that ceremony is for and the moon water will be used and used with great respect for you all know how potent it is and how it can heal and transform in so many ways.

So you begin your ceremony.

We sunbathe and it feels so good to absorb the warm rays of the Sun into the skin but we can do the same with the moon and moon bathe. With whatever we do although we can do it actually in a physical sense we can have the same benefits by visualising and manifesting a scene and then working in the light of it.

Visualise a very special place for yourself, a place which you love very dearly and enter that sacred space. You remove all your clothes and you lie down naked in the moonlight and you moon bathe. Allow the moonlight to heal you, let it go to any part of your body which is in pain or discomfort or where you know there are problems and you will discover more than ever before how the moon can heal for it surely can.

Allow this healing for yourself and let it go deep within and at the same time feel your aura filling up with the moonlight bringing a great sense of well-being to you. The moonlight will balance you and it will bring a wonderful sense of calmness which will remain with you afterwards.

Enjoy this wonderful moon, know that it brings the light of the Sun with it to create a perfect balance but use it to draw in the healing and awakening properties of the moonlight like you never have before.

In your present life stand under the moon and bring it into your body or place a container outside to actually collect the moonlight and then use it in which ever way you are drawn to. Remember that each month the vibrations of the moonlight will be different depending upon the sign which the moon is in and upon the astrological connections of that time. Gather your moonlight and use it in the ways which you have been taught. Be aware also that you may wish to collect the moonlight from different phases of the moon, from the new moon or a quarter moon, waxing moon or a waning moon and each of these will bring its own healing vibrations.

Happy moon bathing, may you be filled from head to toe with the glorious light of the goddess Luna,

With lots of love,




January Moon Circle

The moon is full on January 12th in the sign of cancer so what an appropriate moon to begin the year with and I promise you it is a very powerful moon indeed. We have the combination of the full moon and the moon which is the ruling sign of cancer, so you can see that this is double moon energy and double water energy at the same time for cancer is ruled by the sign of water.


Here are the teachings for this monthís full moon:

Draw down the light of Sirius into your Crown filling up with it and then radiate it out into your circle.

This full moon provides us with the perfect energies to do inner work on ourselves, for no matter how much clearing you have done there is always more, we just go deeper and deeper into ourselves. The blessings from this not only create great healing they also open the door to the well of knowledge which is hidden at our very core; this is the wisdom we have carried from lifetime to lifetime.

I am sure that every one of you reading this have spent much time delving deep into your being to clear your emotional body from the things you have experienced in this life and yet there is so much more always waiting to come to the surface to be revealed and let go of.

When we look back at our lives and all that has been done to us and all that we have allowed to be done to us there is no one else to blame and we must take full responsibility for everything. You try hard to forgive others but the first forgiveness is for the self, to forgive yourself of what you have allowed into your life and this is the hardest thing to do. You must forgive yourself first then forgive others; it has to be done in that order.

You are going to experience a ceremony of forgiveness, of self forgiveness and it will resonate through you like a whirlwind and it will have such a strong impact upon you not only as you do it but afterwards in your daily life.

Draw down the light of this full moon into your Crown and let it filter down and as it does it will fill up each chakra so that eventually your seven centres are filled with moonlight. You are going to take a journey through the chakras and the seven centres represent your life up until this moment. You will enter each chakra and it will be filled with the most radiant moonlight and within it you will remember all the experiences throughout your life which have caused pain and discomfort beginning right at the beginning.

First of all manifest water in your hands, sacred water and this water can be brought to life from any sacred place that you know of or it can be from the ocean. Let the water come to you. Anoint yourself upon the forehead and say a few words which will be given to you.

You will begin at the base going as far back in this life as you can remember and you will be shown visions of any painful experiences. You will look at them and then gather them in a little wicker basket which will manifest in your hands. You will climb up a beam of light to enter the next chakra and you will continue moving through each of these centres collecting experiences from the whole of your life up until this moment.

When you reach the Crown which brings you to the present time and fill your basket up from there it will be full to the brim. You are to sit holding the basket in your hands and you will begin to speak words of self forgiveness. Beautiful words will pour from you for they will come from your heart as you forgive yourself for every single thing in your life remembering that that forgiveness is only forgiving yourself for having allowed certain things in your life.

When you have completed this you will see your soul appear before you and your soul will take the basket from your hands and transform it into love and she will place that love back into your heart. You will accept this love for yourself 100%.

The ancient symbol of the goddess is the triple spiral for we are the threefold self, we are made of the body, mind and spirit and all these aspects of ourselves need to be in harmony.

Let me take you on this journey into the triple spiral to a very large stone circle in Northern England called Long Meg. The tallest stone there is called Long Meg and she was supposed to be a witch; upon the stone is a beautiful carved spiral.

Transport yourself to this stone circle and see yourself standing before the tallest stone. Feel the energy in this place, feel how ancient it is set in beautiful wild countryside.

You are going to enter the spiral on the stone three times and each time you enter it you will find yourself in a chamber which will provide you with what ever you need.

You place your hand upon the spiral and enter within and there you will allow the energy of this place and the spiral which was your Gateway into it to purify your physical body.

You will do this three times entering through the spiral, the second time you will purify your mental and emotional body and the third time you will purify your soul.

This is very deep work for the symbol on its own will have a very strong impact upon you and the cleansing which it will bring will purify your three bodies.

When you have completed this stand in the centre of the circle and raise your arms up into the air and give thanks for all that you have received.

Gaia, the goddess, is the Earth. She is our mother; we were born from her and all the Earth goddesses manifest from her. It is good to embrace all the goddesses for each one carries a different essence, an aspect which can help us with whatever we need but when we go to Gaia we enter wholeness.

Feel an ancient green light all around you, take it in and absorb it as deep as you can even down to your DNA. Let it permeate your three bodies.

Sit within this light to become accustomed to its vibration and then before you Gaia will manifest. Look upon her with fresh eyes for you have just gone through two very deep healing processes and this will enable you to see things differently. Look upon her and see her as the Earth.

As you look at her heart a great door opens within it and this is for you to enter so that you enter not only Gaia but you also enter the Earth. The Earth as a mother nurtures us, she brought us into being, she feeds us and sustains us and we return to her when our earthly work is done.

She carries within her all the healing we require no matter what type of healing you need, she carries within her all the healing herbs and plants and flowers, trees, even animal medicine as well as all the rocks and stones and so much more.

Enter into her heart and you will immediately feel a loving presence filling you. Look at the scene before your eyes and know that you have entered into the heart of mother earth, everything is so vibrant, the colours are so bright and you are aware of how much healing there is everywhere you look.

There are healing Temples, cleansing waterfalls, nurturing woods, fairy Glens, lands of rainbows, snowy Mountains and crystal clear oceans. The healing is here for you. Gaia will guide you so that you receive the healing which you need at this very moment.

We certainly start this New Year with very powerful energies for transformation and we are required to now go as deep as we can into our own healing and into our own knowledge. You will find after completing these three processes that your spiritual vision becomes crystal clear. With your new inner seeing do not hold back in what you observe in the world, in others and in yourself, open your eyes to the newness for the light now touches everything so that we can all see as we never have before.

May this year be the one where you finally set yourself free and feel the peace which comes with truth.

With love,




December Moon Circle

The moon is full this month in the UK on December 14th in the sign of Gemini. The keyword of this moon is renewal and what a perfect time of the year as we wait for the light to return once again at Yule.

Here are the teachings for this monthís full moon:

Draw down the light of Sirius into your Crown and radiate it through you and out into the circle.

You wear your priestess gown for ceremonies and now it is time for it to be renewed. Whenever we renew the gown we are wearing it means that we are renewing our own energies, our aura and the energy within and without.

You are about to renew your energies and this will have a profound impact upon you as a person, in your emotional self and in any spiritual work which you do for this is a new beginning and this is the time of the year for endings and beginnings.

Draw down the light of the full moon, let it fill you and surround you as never before so that you become the moonlight.

Within that light you are transported to a wild place in nature near a pool of water surrounded by trees and beautiful countryside. As you observe your surroundings you become attuned to the energies around you.

It is now time to renew your gown. Let the moonlight you have taken in create your white gown, feel it, feel its texture, then create a dress which you have always dreamed of, it can be in any style at all but it is something which reflects you as a person and the mystical nature of you. When you have done this then go and find things to adorn your gown with, things which are present in nature at midwinter. Let your imagination run rampant as you place these things of beauty upon you.

Make a Crown also and again decorate it with all those things which nature provides at this time of the year. When this is completed take a few moments to feel fully comfortable in what you are wearing remembering that it is a reflection of you as a person and where you are at in your spiritual journey.

You are now ready and prepared and by now it is night time. You look up at the starry sky and see the full moon shining bright radiating its beam of light into the pool of water. You reach out and you gather the moonlight from the water and by the side of the pool you create a moon altar. This is a very, very special altar and it is made of moonlight.

Decorate your altar now with whatever you feel you need to put there and remember your altar should always reflect the changing seasons of the year.

Everything is in place now for you to conduct a ceremony, a ceremony which you have held in many other lifetimes as you stood under the full moon. First of all make your intention and the intention is in keeping with the coming of the winter solstice for this is a time to die to the old and be reborn with the newly risen sun.

Make your intention that the old you will go; even though you have spent many times moving from your old self into a new self this time you mean business and the energies are perfect for your transformation. Stand before your altar and put your hands upon it as you and the moon become one for this altar is the moon, it is an altar of the moon and both the moonlight and the altar have the power to alter anything. Whatever you put on an altar becomes altered and transformed.

Let all your old thoughts, worries, limited ways of thinking, let everything pour through your hands and fill your altar. Do not hold back for you cannot live in the old in any way at all now.

When you have emptied out let your ceremony unfold before you, you will instinctively know exactly what you must do to alter those things upon your altar. All the knowledge of working in this way is already within you, all you need is to open the door to allow it to flow. Use whatever you feel and draw in whatever energies and teachers who come to you, remembering always the time of the year for you are using magic with the elements and elementals in this ceremony. Every turning of the wheel of the year is a point of transformation, a purple moment, a moment of magic where the energies are present to change all manner of things.

When you have completed your ceremony spend time in feeling the renewal which is taking place within you and feel yourself as brand new. 

A red Fox appears from the trees and he wishes to come to you as an animal spirit, he brings you his colour and his great sensitivity. Let him come to you and share his love with you for he comes as a representative of the animal kingdom and he wishes to convey a message to you.

The moon is a conscious being just as everything in physical existence is conscious, there is nothing which does not have consciousness. The moon can speak to us in the same way as any teacher in spirit or guide can and this moon wishes to communicate with you.

The moon is so special because it contains the water element, it rules the water element and it is also a symbol of the divine feminine and deep intuition. Allow the moonlight to send a ray of communication down from above and let it enter your Crown and flow into your heart. As you tune into it you will receive a prayer from the moon for the moon wishes to send out its prayers as it watches humanity in its suffering. The moon sheds the light on very deep things so let it commune with you and bring you a healing prayer.

Fire is spirit and when we gather we always sit around the fire of spirit just as we sat around a blazing fire in our circles many moons ago. We can manifest any type of fire and any type of colour of fire but the fire you are to manifest now is a moon fire.

In your place in nature by the pool and the altar you now gather with others in a circle. See the fairies, gnomes and elves join you too and the animals. With your minds, collectively you manifest a fire made of moonlight in the centre of your circle; it has heat and flames and great beauty. Within the white there are pale subtle colours also just like a pearl.

You hold hands with those present and you feel the presence of the elementals and the animals and then you are also joined by the ancestors as they complete your gathering. All you can feel is love and healing, the love and the healing comes from the fire and also from the elementals, the animals and the ancestors.

You find yourself drifting off into the most beautiful peaceful state and all those surrounding you begin to hum the most beautiful tune like a lullaby. Waves and waves of healing light and love flow through you, healing your physical body and healing your mind too. You feel as though you are enveloped in one huge loving hug. This is the love which emanates from the light which runs through all things and this is how it feels when we connect with it; it is every type of love you could ever think of all as one, it takes away your fears and worries and reassures you that all is well.

The saying, ďall is well and all manner of things shall be wellĒ, comes from Julian of Norwich. She was a wonderful English saint and the first female writer in this country and her energy has been present recently. She would like you to remember her saying and keep saying it to yourself when ever you feel you need comfort and reassurance. Call upon her and she will come and lend a helping hand.

These are changing times and important times and light is needed more than ever so as I close this monthís teachings I send my light to you, to each and everyone of you and I ask that you send it on to one another and then see it spread out to fill the world with your love and healing.

May many blessings come to you and may you be renewed in mind, body and spirit.

With love,




November Moon Circle

The moon is full on November 14th and it is in the sign of Taurus, Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus and so her energies will infuse this moon. This is a supermoon, the brightest moon we have had for many, many years and so we can see that the light has been turned up for us.

This bright light will enable you to go deeper within yourself to discover and bring into your consciousness the ancient knowledge which you have gathered from many lifetimes. So remember the light is on you. The planet Venus brings us the five pointed star for when she makes her orbit this is the geometry she makes in the skies and so this star is part of our teachings from this monthís moon.

The five pointed star is an ancient symbol of the five elements. When you work with the Western understanding of the elements you will work with four or sometimes four plus one more which is known as ether. The light of this full moon brings the most tremendous feeling of the vibrations of Japan and so we will work with the five elements of that land. The five elements are fundamental to so much of Japanís spiritual wisdom and is the basis of many of their healing philosophies.

You have lived lives in ancient times where you knew how to manipulate the elements, how to make them work for you to create transformation for they are elements of change. When we work with the very essence of the elements we are contacting original energies which are at the basis of the dissent of spirit into matter. The great gurus of India who had the ability to manifest objects from nowhere did this by their manipulation of the five elements and the atomic structure of matter; it is something that has always been practiced by the ancient ones and the witches and medicine men and women.

Your teacher for this monthís full moon is a Japanese female guide and she comes in a black kimono covered in flowers. You will feel her and she will work through you and you can give her messages to those whom you teach. You are going to feel this monthís full moon more than any moon for a very long time and your teacher for this time will certainly make herself known to you.

We are all just remembering and awakening to what we already know and the time has come where we are being given a bigger understanding of manifestation, creation and magic which we can do through a greater connection to the five elements. Enjoy these teachings and remember that the light is going to shine more brightly than it ever has before and this light is to be used for your own awakening and Ascension.

Here are the teachings for this monthís full moon:

Draw down the light of Sirius into your Crown, let it flow through you and fill you radiating out into the circle around you.

Draw down the five pointed star from the planet Venus and see it rest upon your Crown.

Raise your awareness up to the supermoon, seeing its light shine more brightly than you have ever seen a full moon before. Draw this lunar light down and see it enter through the five pointed star upon your Crown and let it fill you with its essence. Take time to absorb the moonlight and the five pointed star within you. The star has brought you the five elements which will blend with the radiant light of the supermoon.

You then see before you a shiny black door and standing in front of the door is your Japanese guide dressed in her kimono covered in flowers. She bows to you with her hands together and you bow back. She puts a hand on the handle of the door and opens it and beckons you to walk through it with her. You will immediately find yourself by her side and in the countryside in Japan.

You see before you by the side of a Lake a black shiny five sided Temple which is open to the elements. Around the lake the trees are of every autumnal colour that it is possible to see and beyond them the mountains. She leads you into the Temple and she takes a large bowl and sits with it upon her lap then she calls in each of the five elements into the bowl and they blend together to make a drink which she offers to you. She tells you that this drink will help you to remember what you have known before when you created magic from the elements.

You then set off together into the landscape and you begin to create magic with the assistance of your guide and all the five elements. You can create magical wands or you can transform yourself into anything you wish, you can open up portals into other worlds, you can use divination upon anything you see, anything is possible.

Sit quietly and feel the elements come to you to bring you healing. Feel the elements transform the old energy and the emotions within you which have caused you problems. When this is completed you are to chant bringing in the air element which is the same as the wood element and the chant is a Japanese chant of MU. It is sounded in the same way as you would say the word moo. This chant means emptiness, the emptiness of all knowing.

Your Japanese teacher puts her arms around you and as she does her kimono enfolds you and you find that all the flowers from the material cover you and each flower is made purely of light. She takes you back to the lake in Japan and she asks you to lie down by the side of the water. As you lie in such a peaceful place you hear the tinkling of wind chimes and the sound of running water from a little spring at the side of the lake. Your teacher reaches out and takes hold of the sounds from the wind chime and the spring and she blends them together in her hands blending together the elements of air and water. She speaks to you and she tells you that the ancient art of feng shui, which is also known as the art of placement because it is all about energies flowing and being in the right place, translates as wind and water or air and water. She begins to gently rub in the essence of the air and the water in her hands into your aura and this blends with the flowers of light which you are covered in so that your whole energy field begins to glow with multicoloured moving light. As she does this and you listen to the sounds your whole being is being transformed and all your energies are being realigned to create a perfect balance and harmony within.

I hope you enjoy this supermoon; may its light awaken you and awaken the tremendous wisdom which is ready to re-emerge to the surface of your consciousness.

I complete this by bowing to you but it is the Japanese teacher also who is doing this through me acknowledging her presence around you at this amazing full moon.

With love,




October Moon Circle

The full moon this month is on October 16th and it is in the sign of Aries, a fire sign. This moon because of the fire and its other aspects can be quite volatile and can bring up a lot of feelings in situations and relationships around you.

However if we look at the moon in terms of its spiritual meaning we can take the fire from it, the fire of spirit and the fire of the self.

There is a very special journey for you to perform with this monthís full moon energy and it is a journey to Glastonbury, we have been there before on our moon journeys but this one is very special indeed.

Here are the teachings for this monthís full moon:

Draw down the light of Sirius in through your Crown, through you and then radiate it out into the circle around you.

We have all been priestesses in other lives and we continue this work honouring the moon in this role which we all hold and it becomes a greater part of our life as we see the sacred in everything we do.

Draw down the light of this fiery full moon in through your Crown and out through your feet and once more see it create the white gown of the priestess. This will feel different from other times you have used the moon to create your priestess clothing; with this journey you are about to make you will renew your faith and your belief in who you truly are.

Let us all gather, every one of you, at the Chalice Well Gardens in Glastonbury in the warmth of the day; see us all together, a huge gathering of priestesses dressed in white. Pick some flowers from this beautiful garden to make your Crown and put your Crown upon your head. Then go to the lionís head fountain and cup your hands and drink deeply from the red coloured water, red from the iron within it: you will take in the fire from the red colour so that you have fire and water blended within you.

We then all go to the White Well, across the road from the gardens and we step down underground into the huge cave like Temple and bathe in the pool to purify ourselves before our ceremony.

From here we go through the gate and through the field leading to the base of the Tor and in procession we begin the ascent to the top all the while chanting and singing priestess songs to honour the Earth. It has become dark now and the full moon appears high in the sky lighting up the whole of the Tor.

As you ascend you feel a great lightness of spirit within you as you leave the world below and follow in the footsteps of many priestesses before you.

We make a circle around the tower and lift our arms up into the air drawing down the full moon light so that the top of the Tor becomes the moon and we are standing within it.

Within this light we all perform our own ceremony speaking out about who we truly are and we speak of our renewal of our faith in ourselves and in the great light which encompasses everything. We call upon God and goddess and the infinite light from which all things are manifest to light our way forward for from this day we are unified as one in our longing to create a life of service and a better world for everyone.

Never before have you felt your calling in such a way and you have waited many lifetimes to come to the altar of the moon to make your reconnection in this way, to your very own soul honouring your true nature as a priestess.

When you have completed this ceremony you share much love and laughter amongst your sister priestesses who are singing, dancing and laughing and you enjoy a great party and celebration in the heart centre of the world.

Once you awaken to the lives you have lived before you begin to remember all those things which you have done, you begin to understand why you do things in a certain way and why you have your own particular way of healing and working with spirit.

You have such magic within you gathered from many lifetimes and when it is needed you use it to help to heal others.

Think of something in your life which you need help or healing for.

Put on your black cloak over your white priestess gown and take yourself into the woods, into the place of magic and fairy tales and see how it stirs up so many memories within you. You know without a doubt why it is that the woods call you in your present life for it has been a place of great mystery and healing in your past.

You come to a clearing and as you stand in the centre of it a great spiral of purple light radiates from the Earth and fills you, this purple light is the light of the Mystic vision for it is the colour of magic and transformation. You feel every part of you awaken with such force and you know that you have within you the ability to perform miracles with your magic.

Before you appears the green lady of the woods; she looks as though she is part of the trees herself and you can feel the knowledge which lies deep within her. She tells you she has come to help you make magic for you and she begins to show you what to do, such incredible healing which you can perform through collecting some of the items within these woods and bringing in the elements too. You gather what you need and you begin to make magic and at the same time you chant your own name feeling yourself transform and heal.

Manifest a large black cauldron in the centre of your circle. Light a huge fire underneath it and place in the cauldron many things, it can be as simple as the gift of love or peace, it could be flowers or herbs, symbols, anything which can bring healing. As each thing is placed in the cauldron visualise the colour of it so that the cauldron will be full of all these things and many colours as well. When the cauldron is full to the brim chant or sing over it and tune in deeply to the chant as it blends with the contents of the cauldron; see the vibrations of the words go directly into it. Draw down the full moon light and too and give the cauldron a stir.

When this is completed manifest a beautiful chalice carved out of wood with engravings of flowers and Ivy upon it. Fill the chalice from the contents of the cauldron and say a prayer over it then drink deeply from it.

This liquid will take you into the mystical realms and it will feel as if you are in a deep sleep and there you will receive healing and visions of the most beautiful kind.

Enjoy this month as we move towards Samhain and the ending of the old year. Prepare to die to who you were, ready to be born again at this special time for our calendar begins anew after this.

With love,




September Moon Circle

The moon is full on September 16th. in the sign of Pisces and it is combined with a lunar eclipse so let us make the most of this opportunity for change. I cannot stress enough how much potential there is for us to move forward and leave the past behind this month. With a solar eclipse we go into the dark and it is in the dark where we find the greatest treasures and as we emerge from the dark the light of the full moon shows us the way. Pisces is a water sign and so with the watery energies of the moon we have even more water added by this sign. There is an aspect from this moon to the constellation of Pegasus, the winged horse bringing us wings to fly into the higher regions of the mind and the heart. Throw yourself thoroughly into the energies when the full moon comes and immerse yourself so deep within them that you cannot help but be changed.


Here are the teachings for this monthís full moon:

Draw down the light of Sirius into your Crown, circulate it through you and then radiate it out and around.

In your hands gather water from many sacred places, do it with your mind as you visit each of the places and gather the water. You will know where to go but here are some examples, the Chalice Well in Glastonbury, St. Winifredís Well in North Wales, the River Ganges, the River Nile, just follow your feelings and blend these waters together. Say a blessing over the water for this is indeed holy water and then put one drop upon your forehead. This is a baptism for you, a cleansing ritual which enables you to die and be reborn again.

Let that one drop of holy water flow through you, let it blend with all the waters in your own body, let it go into your blood and your tissues and your organs, let it fill you with its vibrations. This is your baptism.

Look up into the sky and see how the light of the full moon has vanished bringing the darkness then allow yourself to go deep, deep into the depths of your being and see yourself travelling far down into the Earth. You will eventually be taken to a huge cave underground and there you will find a pool of turquoise water. See every detail of where you are, feel the texture of the rocks of the cave walls, see anything which is growing there, let your vision be keener than it ever has been before.

As you gaze at the turquoise water, the undines, water spirits, emerge from it, there are many of them and you make their acquaintance for they are the keepers of the waters and they are the keepers of the deepest aspects of our subconscious.

They take you into the turquoise water and this is your birthing pool. As you soak in the water you let go of everything you have become for you are ready to be reborn again. We all live our lives never being completely ourselves but this is your chance to at last and finally emerge victorious in all your glory with all your truth.

Observe the process as the undines help you to let go of all the beliefs which have been put upon you, beliefs which are not yours until eventually the only belief you have is the belief in yourself.

When this is completed the undines assist you out of the water and they lead you to a tunnel and they take you to the surface of the Earth and when you reach the ground once more you see that the light of the moon is full and very bright. It shines upon you like a torch light and you bathe in this light and you wear it as a new gown, fresh and new, just as you have been renewed.

Our beautiful moon sister and priestess Jenny has for many years sung to us with her healing voice. One very special chant she has shown us is to chant a personís name and it is very profound and incredibly healing. When the Magdalene Priestesses are initiated Jenny chants their name to them. I have seen how healing this is and you too can use this in your circle.

You have gone through a baptism and now you need your name as you are reborn again brand-new. Begin by chanting your name and this will initiate you into newness. Do this until you feel it deeply in your heart, I promise you this, it is very, very profound. It is so affirming to completely affirm your own name for your name is who you are for the name given to you at birth has been specially selected to provide the correct vibrations for our journey.

Feel the purple light all around you and as you gather it to you, you shape shift into a purple water Lily. Feel every part of you, feel your roots going down into the mud in the water below you, feel your petals, feel it all. This flower carries the water element more than any other flower and it has so much to teach from the way which it lives.

Become the waterlily and feel every part of the teachings and its blessings and receive a personal message for yourself from it.

Complete your circle by resting in the centre of a waterlily upon a crystal clear pond, with the moonlight above you holding you in its light. Feel yourself resting upon the water and just as the water represents the emotional body you will feel at peace as you are on top of the water not below it, meaning that you have risen up above your emotions. You have done this by letting go and finding more of yourself.

Make the most of this month for it is a very special one and remember to chant your name to yourself and it will always bring you back to yourself and empower you with its light.

May the blessed light of this month help you to be true to yourself and to shine your light and love upon everyone.

With love,

Margaret x



August Moon Circle

We met under the August full moon which is full on August 18th in the sign of Aquarius.

We are just transitioning into the Aquarian age; a new beginning for the planet for the sign of Aquarius is all about new ideas and new ways of looking at things. Those born under this sign are often inventors and they bring us new ideas so we can see that the energy of this full moon brings us new beginnings in a very futuristic way.

If I can take you back to the 1960s, to the time of flower power this is the feeling which accompanies this full moon. That was a time where there was the very beginning of a revolution in consciousness where a new culture was created. This culture was the very start of us leaving behind the restrictions and limitations of the previous age and finding freedom. The colours, the music and the clothes of that time were an expression of the expansion of the mind and the desire to move away from the patriarchal controlling tendencies of society which had been present for such a long while.

Take these feelings and wrap them around this full moon and you will bring to yourself a new beginning where you stand in your own power and discernment. Bring this feeling all around you and allow yourself to taste true freedom which is the freedom of the self just to be.

Bring in all the symbols from the 1960s, think of the music from California, the flower children, the festivals, civil rights and the rights of women, surround yourself in the psychedelic colours and patterns and you will understand the wonderful opportunity this moon brings to us.


Here are the teachings for Augustís full moon:

Draw down the light of Sirius into your Crown filling up with the Starlight and then let it radiate out into your circle.

In ages past we honoured the moon and we gathered out in nature at a time before churches and temples and as many of us still say, nature is our church, for it truly was. We gathered beneath the trees for they were always considered sacred and they became our church. During the cultural revolution of the 1960s there were visions of people living together in communities sharing their gifts and their love: this will come about but in the distant future and the seeds have already been sown for this.

In times gone by when we met to honour spirit and the trees we lived in communities and looked after one another and shared our wisdom and so we can go back to those times and remember how we lived; we will bring into the present and into the future the memory of what it is like to live as one.

You are going to be taken back to another life to a time where you sat beneath the trees for the purpose of connecting to the divine and by doing this you will awaken memories within you and it will enable you to create that same energy in your present life. You will find that those in your circle have already been part of your community in the distant past and you will recognise some of the people you meet when you travel back in time. This is the most joyful thing to experience, to remember and become aware that those whom you gather with at this present moment are friends from many other lives which you have lived and the bonds can never be broken.

Here is your special journey and it is the light of the moon which will show you the way back.

Manifest a beautiful silver chalice, hold it up in the air and draw down the moonlight into it then pass this chalice around for everyone to drink deeply from it. As they drink this liquid moonlight from this Aquarian full moon they will be filled with the vibrations of its essence. Let this moonlight flow through every part of you lighting up every dark corner so that you can see the truth of who you are.

Let that light now shine in front of you creating a path of white light and step upon that path and begin your journey back in time, feel yourself travelling further and further back in time. After a while you will see a white door before you and you are to open the door and cross the threshold.

As you walk through the door you will find yourself in a Grove of ancient trees and you will see other people sitting beneath the trees, some of whom you recognise. You go and sit in their circle and join them and they welcome you with so much love. There is a fire in the centre of the circle and sometimes you create sacred fire ceremonies with it. You look up and see a full moon in the sky and you know that in that lifetime you always met under the full moon and under the ancient trees. You hold hands with your sisters and you begin to chant and the whole circle is filled with a sense of the greatest peace.

Each of the women here has their own special gift and each month as you sit together they share with you all. There are storytellers, healers, poetesses, cooks, priestesses, mediums, herbalists and so much more. You too contributed your own special gift and it was a gift which you have carried with you into this present life, it is something which you have always loved to do, it has always been there with you. As you listen to your sisters sharing their wisdom and gifts with you all you too remember the gifts that you had then and you are overjoyed to realise what they were. You open yourself up to the things which you knew then and you begin to remember the part you played in your community of sisters.

 This full moon makes an aspect to an asteroid called Pallas Athena and Athena is the goddess of wisdom and power and so along with the vibrations of Aquarius which represents the new age we are also being gifted great wisdom and power. Athena is the Statue of Liberty. Before she steps forward take a moment to feel once again what it was like back in the 1960s and the new age when women first became empowered, it was a turning point in history and it is only now that we are just beginning to see a glimmer of what the new age can bring. Even though there is much to be saddened by upon the Earth at this time we must always keep our focus on the fact that we are moving into a golden age and that the new age will come about, there is no doubt about this.

A golden light fills your being both within and without and as you take it in and absorb it you feel yourself rising up in consciousness. You lift up and ascend high into the realms of light and there waiting for you is the goddess Athena. Remember her association with the Statue of Liberty; as she stands before you she holds your hands and her vibrations pass from her to you. As you receive her light the word liberty is lit up in your mind for this is what she brings to you. She is the goddess of wisdom and truth is liberty.

Contemplate the word liberty and feel what it means to you, feel how much liberty you have and feel how much more you are ready for. Athena speaks to you of personal things and she will answer any questions which you may have and after this she will bring you a message to share with your sisters. It is a message of great power about liberty and truth and how we are to live our lives in the vibration of liberty always. When you return share your message with your sisters but remember that the words you speak will contain the vibrations not only of Athena but also of truth and liberty for words have power. These vibrations will fill your sisters empowering them to live their lives in their greatest truth.

You see before you an enormous round gate set in a very old wall; this is called a moon gate because of its shape. The gate opens and you step into the most beautiful garden filled with moonlight. You have come here to moon bathe in the same way as you would sunbathe so you find a place to lie down making your connection to mother Earth beneath you. You then draw down the moonlight and let it bathe you in its healing vibrations, the moon can heal in a very powerful and potent way. Let the brilliant white light permeate through all your bodies, your mind, your body and your soul. Let every part of you be saturated in moonlight and as you do this you can feel healing instantly taking place, healing of your body as the moon balances everything and healing of your mind as it shines the light on the things you need to see clearly and an expansion of your spirit as it is flooded with even more light.

Enjoy this full moon and let it awaken you to the memories of those lives where you have shared with one another before. In your own circle manifest the energy which was present in the circle you have just visited. Let others share what they experienced and let them bring their gifts into your gatherings so that you continue what you began so many lifetimes ago. Let your circles now take on a greater sense of community as you share with one another those gifts, bringing back storytelling, poetry, divination and everything else which was part of your circle in ancient times. 

With love,




July Moon Circle

The moon is full on July 19th in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn, one of the greatest teachers of Karma and life and death. The symbol for Capricorn is the mountain goat. This moon is also known as the buck moon for it is the time when deer grow new antlers. So by looking at the name of the astrological sign which the moon is in we can see that this is a very powerful masculine full moon.

The first journey you are to make is very powerful for you are going to be working with the horned God who has many names and it was he in the form of Pan who was the inspiration for the incredible Findhorn, the community in Scotland which was founded on poor sandy soil and in spite of this the most abundant fruits and vegetables were grown. We work so much with the divine feminine and working with the moon is working within female energies however it is time this month to bring in the male vibration.

Saturn is about authority figures and it is about us claiming our own authority fully. I am sure that you have spent many years finding yourself and becoming empowered but there is always more we can do to be in full authority in our lives and by absorbing the male energies this will enable us to do so. The spiritual path is always about balancing, balancing the higher and lower self and balancing the male and female within us so that we become one. This month is a wonderful opportunity to take in this lunar male light and stand up tall and be your own authority figure.


Here are the teachings for this monthís full moon:

Draw down the light of Sirius in through the Crown filling up with this Starlight and letting it radiate all around.

Draw down the brilliant white light of the full moon, spend time on absorbing this light so that you become soaked in its essence, bring it in as you never have before for you are ready for the light to be turned up within you. The vibrations within you feel so strong, this energy flows through you like lunar fire filling you with its power. After a while you realise that you are not alone and as you look through the light you see before you the great horned God Cernunnos, he is the male aspect of nature, he is the same as Pan and many other male fertility gods. When we work with the male aspect of nature we are working with the essence of fertility. You can feel that within him he has the ability to fertilise the Earth allowing everything to grow bountiful. He stands before you with the sacred horns upon his head and he takes your hand to lead you into his world.

He leads you into the deepest and most abundant places of nature and where ever he treads you see that the land turns green and it blossoms and blooms and fruits. He wishes to teach you how you can make the land fertile in the same way and at the same time he tells you to be very aware of what you are doing for as you fertilise the land you are fertilising your life. The same energy which he will teach you to use will flow through your life like a river fertilising anything which you wish to create whether it is in your work or in your personal life and he tells you that there are no limits to what you can do as you will find as he leads the way.

He stands over you and speaks a chant which you have never heard before; the sound of it resonate through your whole being and you feel as though you light up with the power of creativity within you. You traverse the land and everywhere you walk you see new life emerging from the soil, new plants and trees beginning to grow. You watch in amazement at what you can do. As you travel with him you learn what it is like to be in charge and answer to nobody and to be your own authority as you cross the land bringing new life to everything you touch.

At this time of year the plants and flowers are setting seed as the next cycle of mother nature comes full circle. Take yourself out into the garden or into the fields or the Woodlands and collect seeds from three plants, be very aware of the symbolism of the plants you are collecting from for these three seeds carry the energy of new things within your life. Take each seed and plant it and then see yourself pouring in the energy which you have received from the God Cernunnos; feel the energy of the seed and the energy of the God which is within you blend together and then watch it sprout. With each seed which you do this for sit with it and it will tell you what it represents within your own life. It can represent a huge new project or something much smaller, it may even just symbolise your decision to think in new ways or something new which you will learn.

Watch your plants grow and feel the inspiration within you begin to grow as you see that what you have planted takes on new life.

If you know of any chant to the goddess then begin this part with a chant. Feel yourself transform into a goddess, a goddess of your own choice and one which is very appropriate for you at this time. Become her through and through, see yourself dressed as her, feel the personality of the goddess.  Travel through the mists, the veil which separates us from the mysteries and you will be taken to the most sacred and mystical place of all. There you will meet your sisters who come as their chosen goddesses. You will sit together in your circle linked as one and you will all feel a great male energy within you which you have already received. You feel such power within for your male and female energies are now blended as one.

As you sit together you all speak out of those people, whether men or women in your past who have been authority figures and have taken away your power. As you speak their names you see them dissolve away for they no longer have any hold upon you. When you have completed this you stand and begin to dance in the circle, singing and shouting for joy and feeling total abandonment in how you dance. Never again will anyone make you do anything you donít want to do and never again will anyone take away any of your power.  At the completion of this you gather together in one huge sisterly hug and you shout; I am free.

May this magnificent moon take you through the gateway into a new beginning where you stand up as a goddess containing the perfect blend of male and female within you, comfortable and confident in your own authority.

With love,




June Moon Circle

We met before the June full moon which occurs on June 20th. the same day as the summer solstice and so we have a combination of lunar and solar energies at their height. All solstices and Equinox are points of transformation and they provide opportunities for change within ourselves.

This full moon has been known as a strawberry moon but also it is known as the rose moon and the teachings from this moon come from the rose. The moon in the sign of Sagittarius brings regeneration and resurrection so make the most of this wonderful opportunity to fully embrace the abundance of your true self.

Here are the teachings for the June full moon if you would like to follow them for your own healing and awakening:


Draw down the light of Sirius taking in the Starlight and allowing it to fill you completely and then radiate it out into your circle. The vibration of a pink damask rose comes around you; damask roses were first brought to Britain from the Middle East and they are very beautiful and so as you absorb their energy you are actually drawing into yourself the energy of that part of the world. See yourself immersed in its vibrations and then draw down a silver beam of energy from the full moon allowing it to mingle with the pink within you.

The pink and the silver together along with the energies of the full moon and the rose go deep within you awakening something long forgotten and you can feel it and at the same time you feel an urge to seek out something which is part of you.

You feel yourself becoming very floaty as your vibrations are lifted and you realise that you are wearing a veil, this veil will be lifted from you in a moment but you know in your heart what this means for it is the veil which has kept things hidden from you.

You feel hands removing your veil and as you look around you realise that you are in a Temple in the Middle East and what an incredibly beautiful place this is. You take a moment to observe your surroundings and the other priestesses who are here, it all feels so familiar. When you are accustomed to the energy you begin to hear music and the others who surround you begin to dance and they invite you to join in with them. You allow yourself to open to the dance for this is ancient temple dance and you have joined the temple dancers. As you dance you feel your energy open like a flower, it is as though you are re-emerging from a long sleep for as you dance your energies awaken you.

You continue the dance feeling yourself opening more and more and your awareness and vision is clearer than it ever has been and you know that this dance will renew you and completely change your vibrations.

You draw the white moonlight into your heart and the moon begins to speak to you with a voice which is as clear as any other teacher, the moon brings you messages for it has much to say.

You see before you a pool filled with moonlight and you step into this pool to be cleansed. You feel all your old thoughts and your pain being washed away transformed in this radiant light. It is as though your whole being, body, mind and soul is being washed clean with this wonderful moonlight. You spend time allowing the transformation to take place.

When this process is completed you find yourself lifting above the water. It is as though your old self has been left behind and you have risen up resurrected filled with the moonlight; you feel like a goddess and as you look upon yourself you see that you shine with so much light for you have connected to your goddess nature.

This feeling is like nothing you have ever experienced before for you carry within you the divine light which is so sacred.

Enjoy the roses of this time, bathe in the moonlight and the solstice Sunlight and let that light reveal your goddess nature.

I wish you all a very blessed summer solstice, may you always be in the light of both the Sun and the moon,

with love,




May Moon Circle

We met before the May full moon which occurs on May 21st.

This moon is in the sign of Sagittarius and Sagittarius is one of the most spiritual of all the signs, it is also governed by the planet Jupiter; Jupiter brings expansion into all areas of our lives. The very centre of the Milky Way, the galactic centre, is located in the constellation of Sagittarius whenever we connect to this centre we connect to the very centre of ourselves, creating a greater connection to the spiritual energy which emanates from there and a greater connection to our guides.

During our circle we connected to all the other moon circles which exist not only in Britain but also around the world so that we all linked up as one creating a greater energy for the evolution of the self and the healing not only of the Earth but also of our galaxy. You too can connect also to our larger moon circle by participating in our journey to the galactic centre.

Here are the teachings for the May full moon if you would like to follow them for your own awakening and healing:


Draw down the light of Sirius, bringing in the Starlight through your Crown, filling up with this light and then radiating it out around you.

Draw down the light of the Sagittarian full moon once more through your Crown filling your whole being with the moonlight, feel it within and without. This light creates your priestess or priest gown and it will enable you to travel across the galaxy. You feel a vibration at the base of your spine and this vibration becomes stronger and stronger until suddenly you lift up into the sky. You know your destination, it is the galactic centre and as you travel across the galaxy you see other moon sisters and moon brothers on their journeys too.

You arrive at the very centre of our galaxy and you stand before a pool of silvery light made up of many, many stars and as all of those whom you saw travelling here arrive you make a circle together. As you look at the pool of light you see a River of light pouring from it out across the galaxy touching every star and planet. You hold hands and a very ancient chant begins to rise from deep within each one of you and as you chant this sound the vibrations and the light from it reach out into the galaxy bringing healing to everything including all those upon the Earth.

There then appears before you a great being of light whose face shines like a radiant sun and they tell you that they have come to help you. They speak to you of your lifeís path and they give you direction showing you the way to go. You may ask any questions and they will answer them for you. This guide will stay with you for it is one of the great cosmic teachers who has come to lead you forward in your life.

As we connected together within our circle the most beautiful pink light began to fill the room touching every one. There then appeared within that light the goddess Iris who is the goddess of the rainbow. She teaches us about the colours and as she spoke she said that we are to look at colours in new ways and to open our minds to different ways of understanding them. She spoke of the pink Ray and said that we are accustomed to using it to bring in love and nurturing but we are now being asked to use this colour for healing. Very often we associate the blue Ray with healing energy but now we can use the pink and it will go very deep to create very powerful healing.

See the goddess Iris stand before you and feel her radiate the pink Ray to you, take it in and let it heal you, let it go as deep as it can, do this healing for three days and you will find a great difference. Always call upon the goddess Iris if you wish to understand more about the colours and she will bring you the colour which you need at the time.

We shared some inspirational stories of healing which had occurred this week and it was truly inspiring to reaffirm our belief in the power of healing.

Whenever we hold a retreat day or a moon circle I always bring my healing book for people to write within it the names of those who need healing. The day of my moon circle I asked those in a moon group which I have on Facebook to send me the names of anyone who needed healing and I would place them in the book and we would activate that book during our circle. As we took in the pink Ray from the goddess Iris we then radiated it outwards into the book. This book receives the healing vibrations which are present whenever we gather but it was time for it to be fully activated for words have power and words are energy forms and the pink light we received brought this book alive and filled the names from that day with powerful healing energy. Never underestimate the power of healing and the many ways in which we can use it; our intention is the most important aspect of healing and the moment that you think in a healing way of a person they will receive your gifts.

Sit for a moment and think of anything within yourself which you would like to heal; it can be either a physical symptom or emotional pain for you are going to find a remedy to heal yourself.

Manifest around you a herbal garden; this is no ordinary garden for it existed in ancient times beyond anything we could ever imagine. Walk through this garden and you will see plants you do not recognise and yet you can feel that every plant here is fully alive and conscious. As you walk past each herb you feel in your own body and in your own mind the things which it can heal so that if a certain plant could heal the lungs you would feel pain in your own lungs. The pain would pass as you recognised and acknowledged its healing qualities. Some of the plants will heal the emotional heart while others will heal the physical body.

You then feel yourself being called over to one particular herb and this is the herb which is going to heal you, the plant speaks to you and tells you how you are to use it, you may be asked to make a tea, an essence, a cream or even a poultice; you will be shown how to use it to help yourself. You sit within the garden and create your remedy and use it upon yourself and the healing vibrations of this special place bring you a great sense of peace. Return to this garden to find more remedies for self-healing can perform miracles in the same way as the healing you receive from others.

Bathe in the energies of this full moon and let yourself expand as you never have before; receive the great healing which is present within it and know that when you gaze up into the sky that moonlight will heal you in body, mind and spirit. Remember also that we are all linked and as each one of us gazes up at the moon you then become part of a great circle of brothers and sisters who honour the moon.

I send you all love from my heart and the pink Ray of healing to heal you in body, mind and spirit,




April Moon Circle

We met just before the April full moon which occurs on Friday the 22nd. This moon is in the sign of Scorpio which is ruled by the planet Pluto; Pluto always enables us to go deep into the subconscious and transform our inner thoughts and being.

Here are the teachings from our moon circle if you would like to follow them for your own healing and awakening:


Draw down the light of Sirius in through your crown filling up with the starlight and see that light radiate out and around you.

The goddess Kali joined us to bring her teachings and guidance. Kali or Kali Ma as she is often known is a Hindu goddess of death and rebirth; she is the one who appears with black skin and has many arms. She brings great power enabling us to move through the constant cycles of death and rebirth which this spiritual path requires.

You find yourself on top of a mountain under the full moon and with your mind you turn up the light of that moon so that you are able to see with the greatest clarity. You are bathed in this tremendous moonlight and the light lights up your surroundings. You realise that you are not alone for there standing in front of you is Kali and her vibration is so strong you feel yourself go dizzy for a moment, she is a very, very powerful goddess.

Kali lifts up her many arms into the sky and as she does this time quickens and you begin to observe all the changing faces of the moon from new to full and back again to new. Kali speaks to you and she tells you that she wishes you to connect to each aspect of the moon, each phase which it goes through so that you understand its cycles and you can then receive the mystic knowledge from these phases. She explains that the new moon brings rebirth and that the dark of the moon brings death while in between the energies are of sustenance and nurturing. The death and rebirth which the moon brings is symbolic for it is all about the death of the ego as you die to who you thought you were so that you may truly be yourself.

You sit with Kali observing the changes in the moon and she speaks to you about the changes in your own life and of where you are at this time in your own never-ending cycles of death and rebirth. She brings you guidance so that you will know where you are at this moment and what you need to do to move forwards.

I have just returned from Glastonbury where I held a workshop for the initiation of the Magdalene Priestesses who had completed their year long training and the energy of Glastonbury is still with me. Avalon means land of apples; the apple tree worked with us during our day and within our moon circle I saw apples being placed at the feet of those who were there. I give to you an apple also from Avalon; visualise this apple in your hands and see yourself cutting it open horizontally and there you will find a five pointed star. Take the star from the apple holding it close and it will bring you a message. I found it quite beautiful that at the close of our circle when my husband Graham came to take me home he had brought a gift of an apple for each person and these were the apples we had brought back from Glastonbury.

See yourself at the foot of Glastonbury Tor; before you is the path which leads to the tower at the very top. You begin to climb the path understanding that this journey is symbolic of your Ascension, of your journey upwards into the light.

By the time you reach the top it is night and the moon is full; you look down below and see all the lights twinkling and you look up above observing the full moon and the constellation of the Great Bear which is overhead. You lie down upon the grass feeling its softness and bathing in the moonlight and the starlight. You then hear the sound of a drum and as you listen to its beat it vibrates within you; the drumbeat brings everything into harmony, in your mind, your body and your spirit. Its vibration beats in time with your heartbeat and you feel a great healing taking place within you as the sound brings everything into balance.

During the day before our circle as I was out walking a beautiful luminous being came to me and she told me that the best way to describe herself was as the fairy Queen but I knew that there was more to her than this. Let her come to you and see her in all her beauty; she radiates the most incredible soft iridescent shimmering light.

Follow her as she takes you into her magical realms and she will lead you to a place of great beauty, a place which is filled with cobwebs and spidersí webs. The light shines through all the webs creating rainbow colours of light upon them and your companion asks you to gather these and to fashion them into something beautiful for yourself, a healing gift for you.

In the physical realms spidersí webs were old remedies which were used to heal wounds so allow your gift to heal you.

See yourself before a pool of water under the full moon and the moonlight shines upon the water creating a moon mirror. It has always been traditional for the women to gather and look into the water under a full moon and there they would see mystic visions. Look into the pool before you and you will be shown whatever you need to see to help and guide you in your life at this time.

Full moon blessings to you all, may you receive deep healing and transformation during the coming month preparing you for the greater light which is always waiting to enter your being,

With love Margaret



March Moon Circle

We met on the night of the full moon on March 23rd. This full moon also coincided with a lunar eclipse adding to the expansive energies which were already present on this special day. Two weeks previous to this there had been a solar eclipse making the month of March a very important time energetically.

This moon was full in the sign of Libra, the sign of balance and Libra is governed by the planet Venus, the planet of love.

The time between the eclipses created the energy to take a deeper look at old emotional wounds and confront them in their entirety but this full moon provided an opportunity to return to harmony and balance.


Here are the teachings for the March full moon:

Draw down the light of Sirius, bring it in through your Crown filling up with it and then radiate this Starlight out and around you.

Put on your priestess or priestís white gown and it will feel very familiar.

Feel yourself surrounded by the mists of time; see these mists swirling all around you enabling you to go deep within yourself.

As you look through the mists you realise that you have been transported to an ancient stone circle deep in the wilds of nature. You stand before a circle comprised of 13 huge stones and all around you are surrounded by the most beautiful countryside which looks as though it has been untouched for a very long time. This is a lunar stone circle dedicated to the moon.

You realise that you are not alone for there are 12 other priestesses or priests with you and you know that you have come here to honour the full moon as you have done with each lunar cycle. You enter the gateway to the stone circle and each of you takes your place in front of one of the 13 stones. You make your connection to the Earth and the stone at your back remembering the other times you have done the same. As you do this you receive a message about the light and about how we need both the darkness and the light, we cannot have one without the other.

You look up into the sky at the light of the full moon and as you do a shadow crosses its surface so that everything becomes pitch black. You go deep into the darkness and in this darkness you confront the truth of yourself for there is no hiding place. You see yourself as you truly are and you understand and accept ever part of you, you deny nothing. You see the truth of your life and everything and everyone in it for in the dark all things are revealed for the darkness and the black contain the deepest wisdom you could ever hope to find.

You become aware that the light is returning and when you look up at the moon you see that the shadow has passed but the light coming from the centre of the circle has increased tremendously. As you look before you, you see a shimmering being made entirely of light and that light is so bright you have to avert your eyes. As you become accustomed to the light you understand that this is a great star being called Celeste, even her name means heavenly. She speaks to you and she tells you that she has come to bring new teachings about the light. She teaches you how to use the light, how with your mind you can manifest it upon your body or within your hands and you can use it to heal yourself and others. She speaks of many things concerning the light and she tells you that from this moment you are to constantly bring in the light to yourself and each time you do this you will light up, becoming lighter and enlightened.

You complete your ceremony in honour of the full moon knowing that you are now truly in the light.

As light workers we need to always create healing the Earth for it is so badly needed but it is the soil which is calling you for the soil is filled with toxins, toxins from chemicals and pollution and toxins from the negative thoughts of the minds of those who live upon the Earth.

You find yourself standing barefooted upon the Brown Earth and as your feet connect to the soil a brown gown manifests around you, this is the gown of mother Earth for she has wrapped it around you so that you may do your work. As you stand upon the ground you see light emerging from the soles of your feet and this light goes into the soil to heal it. You then begin a journey walking across the Earth leaving a trail of light everywhere you go transforming the energies in the soil.

There will be times where you stop and take a handful of soil and gently blow colours into it to transform the toxins within it. Remember that you can never dispose of negative energies whether you are healing the Earth or other people; you must never throw away the energies you remove from a person or from the Earth itself you must always transform them. If you do not do this than those negative energies remain to be picked up by others.

You complete your journey as you transform the very structure of the soil upon our blessed Earth.

You find yourself standing in the most beautiful garden during the day and this garden is filled with only white flowers. Yellow flowers are ruled by the Sun and white flowers are ruled by the moon and so this garden is a lunar garden. The garden is surrounded by an ancient wall and within that wall is a moon gate, a round gateway which is found within moon gardens. This garden shines so brightly with the abundance of white flowers and as you enjoy their beauty you hear your name being called. You follow the sound and it takes you to one of the flowers for it is this flower who has called your name; you listen and you receive a personal message from the flower for yourself, a message of direction and guidance for your own life.

The light of this full moon combined with the lunar Eclipse enables us all to feel a deeper connection to our true spirituality but it also brings harmony and balance. This journey we are on into the light is about constantly stripping away who we thought we were to reveal our true natures and at the same time we cannot separate ourselves from the Earth and the Earth needs us so very much at this time. As well is constantly bringing the light into yourself do the same for mother Earth and we will all create harmony both within and without.

I wish you all a blessed month, may your light shine ever brighter so that you become a beacon of light to light the way for others.

With love to you all,




February Moon Circle

The moon is full this month on February 22nd and it is in the sign of Virgo; Virgo brings us a very deep connection to the Earth for she is the Earth goddess and so this full moon enables us all to go deeper into our understanding of the things of the Earth. Whenever we go deeper into the Earth we go deeper into ourselves gaining a greater understanding of our true nature.

Each month before the full moon I send out the teachings which I receive regarding the energies of that moon to the teachers who run their own moon circles, however when I hold my own circle I may or may not use all of these teachings for at the time the guides who work with me will bring in what is needed for the evening. For all of you who run your own spiritual circles no matter what type of circle it is always try and work in the moment, working with the energies which spirit bring to you. Even though you may prepare your work and your meditations before you begin a circle always be flexible and be ready to change the teachings which you had originally decided to use.

In our Wirral Circle we met before the February full moon and we received some very powerful energies brought to us for our awakening. Here are the teachings which we worked with and know that as you read the words you too will receive very powerful energies also for words have power and they convey much more than a message.

Draw down the light of Sirius in through your Crown filling up with this Starlight and then radiate it out and around you.

Your teacher is a huge black crow; whenever the birds come to work with us they often appear as tall as we are. No matter what we work with whether it is crystal, a colour, a bird, anything at all they will always connect us to their own particular realm and so the crow will take you to the realms of the crows.

Stand up and draw down the moonlight from this Virgo full moon feeling yourself immersed in its vibrations. Within the moonlight there appears before you a huge black crow; you can feel his power for he always comes to empower us. He opens his wings and spreads them wide and at the same time you raise your arms up into the air and you feel yourself covered in a cloak of black feathers. The crow looks deeply into your eyes and he touches you with his beak in your throat chakra; this is a blessing for your throat centre.

You sit down again and you see yourself standing before your own throat chakra; a door opens within it and as you cross the threshold you are amazed by what you see for you have entered a crow Temple. You gaze at the scene before you of this immense place filled with such powerful energy. You realise that you are not alone and you see before you priestesses dressed in cloaks of black feathers also; everything around you feels familiar and you know that in other lifetimes you have worked with crow energy.

The priestesses lead you towards an altar and they hold your hands as you stand before the altar. They tell you that together you will perform a ceremony as you are initiated into the realm of the crow and you will learn of the mysteries which the crow brings. Crow medicine enables you to stand within your own power, it gives you the ability to see with crystal clear vision but more than anything it opens up your throat chakra so that you can crow and sing your own song loud and clear.

A very powerful energy now wraps itself around your head, it feels so strong and as you place your attention upon it connecting deeply you find yourself looking out across the universe. As you look in every direction you see the vastness of the cosmos and your awareness reaches out far and wide. You feel as though you are connected to every particle of this universe and you know that the same energy which runs through the stars is also within you. This all feels so sacred and you become deeply immersed in the deepness of the silence and yet within that silence is the divine. You bathe in this energy and your consciousness expands and expands; you have never felt so loved and so held before and you know without a doubt that you will always be looked after and every step which you take is guided by an unseen hand.

The crow now brings you a gift, a vision which you may return to whenever you feel the need.

You find yourself outside the most beautiful gypsy caravan sitting by a fire in the early evening. The last rays of the Sun are filtering through the trees and they fall upon you warming you in their golden glow. You notice the crow high up in one of the trees and he crows loudly creating a signal for all the birds to begin their evening chorus. The birds begin to sing and you listen and in particular you can hear the blackbirdís song. The birdsong fills you and it brings the greatest harmony and peace within you and as you look at the scene before you everything is in balance and everything radiates peace. As you listen to the song of the birds you begin to sing your own song and you join then with this beautiful chorus feeling the healing energy of this beautiful sound. From this moment you will sing your own song and the birds particularly the crow will always remind you that this is the gift they bring to you.

No matter what anyone ever tells you never let their song stop you from singing your own song; sing it loud and clear and whenever you feel stuck for words remember the birdsong and you will find that your words will flow freely.

With love to you all,




January Moon Circle

We met before the January full moon; this moon is to be full on January 24th and it will be in the sign of Leo. Leo is ruled by the Sun and so it brings the fire element. The day after the full moon the planet Mercury which has been retrograde now goes direct, Mercury carries the silver Ray and it essence colours this full moon.

The energy which accompanies the full moon is silver and so we have a combination of the silver Ray and the fire element. Very often when we work with the moonlight we draw down its white light but this time it is the silver which not only carries the lunar essence but it also brings the divine feminine.

When we work with Silver light it is the same as working with the grey Ray. Grey energy is very cosmic and very powerful and it is very different from grey energy which comprises of old stagnant vibrations. You can feel the difference for when you work with the cosmic grey it is so light and yet so deep and it connects us to the universe.

 Here are the teachings from our moon circle if you would like to follow them for your own healing and awakening:

Draw down the light of Sirius in through your Crown, fill up with it and then spread it out and all around you.

Draw down the silvery moonlight, see the stream of Silver light radiating down and into your Crown filling your whole being with it and let it spread throughout your three bodies, your physical body, your mental and emotional body and your spirit body. It then begins to flow from you through your feet and as it does it takes form in front of you. It begins to manifest as a very tall female being made entirely of Silver light. As you look upon her you begin to shake because her vibration is so strong. She is the total expression of the female; she goes beyond all the goddesses and female deities and even beyond the divine mother.

There is such a power coming from her and she has come to empower you. We have all worked so hard both male and females to be in charge of our lives but now there is a further step to take in fully embracing your own power and she now leads you forward.

She brings you to a landscape made entirely of silver and she takes you to a silvery pool where she immerses you fully in its waters. After this you step out of the pool and look at your reflection and you see that you are the same as her. She holds you close and you feel a transmission of her energy enter you and you have never felt so fully in your own power as you do at that moment.

She speaks to you about your own life and how you must now live it in the way that you wish, taking command and steering your own ship. After this she places in your hands a gift made of silver and this gift has great symbolic meaning for your own personal path.

We meet for our moon circle in a room I have used for workshops for many, many years. It is situated in a building very close to a health food shop I used to own and I have often hold workshops there. I became aware of a table in that room upon which was a vase of the golden flowers from a Forsythia Bush and I remembered that many years ago I had taught in the same place and brought in these beautiful flowers. Their memory had stayed there and so I gave each of those in our circle a branch of Forsythia you for they have great symbolic meaning; they bring foresight enabling you to see clearly into your future. I give to each of you a branch with these beautiful flowers upon it, hold it in your hands like a wand and you will be given clear vision of what you need to do.

There is a beautiful flower called silver sword which only grows in Hawaii and this flower brings the silver vibration: it is a very cosmic plant which connects heaven and Earth. One of the ladies in the circle remembered seeing it on a visit there and she said that it would grow amongst the clouds on the sides of a volcano. It grows nowhere else in the world. It brings the silver sword of truth but it is cosmic truth which sees into the heart of everything.

This plant brings the fire of the volcano and the silver energy.

Take yourself to Hawaii to a volcano there and stand before this beautiful plant. It does not matter if you do not know what it looks like, it has a rosette of silver sword like leaves and an enormous flower arises from it centre, it is covered in tiny flowers of yellow, maroon or purple. Manifest a crystal bottle in your hand and gather some water then make an essence of light from the vibration of this plant and let the plant teach you of the healing which it brings. Use this essence whenever you need its healing, just put one drop on your tongue or on your wrist.

One of the ladies present saw St Francis, his vibration is very much with us at this time and you can all connect to him. She saw him dressed in modern day clothes and she heard the name of Frank. You might find this strange but many of the teachers now come dressed in modern clothes but that is how they like to present themselves to us and they also bring humour. The time has gone to be in awe of these heavenly teachers and so we enjoyed much laughter at him introducing himself as Frank. In your own dealings with spirit take things lightly and see the humour in everything.

This full moon is called the Wolf moon and it brings the energy of this wonderful animal. Remember that as St Francis is with us at this time he always brings in the animals and the birds for us to work with. See before you a grey she Wolf and see yourself transform into a Wolf. Follow her into the wilds of nature and sit with her. Wolf medicine carries great power but it always brings out our wild and natural side so sit with her and letter teach you how to be wild and natural and receive her messages of inspiration and personal direction.

Enjoy this full moon which is also accompanied by the wonderful occurrence of the line-up of the five planets Venus, Mars, Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter. There is much activity at this time in the skies and we are being showered with the energies of the emergence of our true natures and the gifts of realising our dreams.

Set yourself free this Sunday under the light of this fiery moon and allow the silver to empower you with new vision and hope for a better future.

With love to you all,




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