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February Moon Circle

The moon is full on March 2nd and it is in the sign of Virgo. The energies of this full moon are very gentle and nurturing as the virgoan energy is but there is also a subtle powerful feel to it as well.

You are well acquainted with all the phases of the moon and you understand what they mean from the new beginnings of the new moon to the fullness of the full moon. The full moon is all about bringing things to completion having worked through the 28 day cycle but it is also about shining more light on everything in your life for it is at that time where you have access to the full light of the lunar energies.


Here are the teachings for March’s full moon:

Draw down the light of Sirius in through your Crown radiating the Starlight through you and around you.

The whole feeling of the energies for you to work with for this full moon are of coming together in the sisterhood in a circle of ceremony and sharing. One of the strongest aspects of our work when working with the moon is the closeness and the bonding which forms between others in the ways which we have followed since ancient times.

Manifest a silver chalice in your hands and draw down the light of this full moon into the chalice and then say a prayer over the contents of the chalice afterwards drinking deeply from it.

Allow the moonlight to fill every part of you so that you are totally immersed in its vibrations. Then you will find that you are transported at night under this full moon to the edge of the sea. As you feel the moonlight within you, you connect to the rhythm of the waves and the tides which are under the influence of the moon. As you do this you become aware of the rhythms within you which like the tides are influenced by the moon.

You then begin to chant the sacred sound of MA.

This is the sound of the mother for the moon represents mother energies; this is why working with the moon is so nurturing. This is an extremely powerful chant and it will affect you very deeply indeed so be prepared to accept the strong energies which are awakening within you.

Connect to the chant, to the moon, to the sea and to the white light within you as you fully embrace and receive these wonderful energies.

When we come together under the moon we enter very sacred space, it is a safe space where you can release from deep within.

Manifest a black cauldron and as you hold it empty out any old feelings into it. You can speak of those things which are worrying you, you can speak of those things which you cannot let go of, you can speak of those things which bring you great joy and gratitude, you can speak about anything at all.

When the cauldron is full then with your mind transform the contents into a fire and see that fire burning bright. Then take a handful of that fire and sit with it and you will receive a message for yourself. This message will be a personal message to help you in your life. Then place the cauldron before you placing all your dreams into the fire inside for the fire to activate your wishes.

You are to become the moon, to become the moon completely and as you do this the moon will speak through you bringing words of wisdom, positive messages and encouragement for your path and for the future of the Earth.

As you sit under the full moon you will receive a flower from mother Earth and you are to become that flower, you are to become totally that flower. You will sit within the vibrations of that flower accepting its healing and its meaning filling up with the transforming energies which it brings.

After a little while be aware that you are linked up to other flowers, each one another person and you are to see those flowers now become a bunch of flowers.

As you do this there will be a huge expansion of the energy between you and you are to send that light out to the world, the light of the flowers and their healing qualities all wrapped up in the love and compassion of each one of you.

There is a term of endearment in the part of the UK where I originate from and it is the word flower. You call someone flower as a term of friendship. Each one of you is a very special flower but just as you have come together as a bunch and just as a garden contains a wealth of flowers, when we all come together, all of us flowers, we create a greater energy than ourselves individually. So let us become a great garden of flowers and gather together with other flowers who share our love of the Earth and let us spread our healing colours and vibrations right across the world so that the earth can once more become a garden of Eden where peace resides.

May you blossom and bloom wherever you are, bringing joy and healing to everyone you meet.

With love Margaret




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