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November Moon Circle

The moon is full on November 23rd and it is in the sign of Gemini. Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, the planet of communication and so this moon brings us the silvery vibration of the potential of great communication between us and our higher self and with spirit.

Here are the teachings for this month’s full moon:

Draw down the light of Sirius and as it enters through your Crown it radiates through you and around you into the circle.


The Teachings

As we approach this full moon I am very aware of the silver vibration of Mercury increasing in strength around the planet and this is creating a greater opening for those who are ready to receive more. For all spiritually awakened people there will be an increase in the messages and the communications which they will receive from spirit. Doubt has no place in this new energy and everything received must be considered greatly and allowed to flow through.

Mercury is the winged messenger and he brings us the gift of communication. Everyone who works with spirit is not only a healer but they are also a medium and they are a channel for divine light and wisdom messages which come through. If you are reticent and unsure about receiving messages from spirit then it is time to take a leap of faith and open yourself as never before to become a channel for the light.

I am very aware of the gathering of many who are waiting to speak through you and to write through you also and this following journey will open you to prepare you for all you are to receive.

See yourself standing beneath this Gemini full moon and watch as the light beams down covering everywhere as far as you can see. With your mind connect to the moon and turn up the brightness just as you would turn up the brightness on an electrical light and then watch as the moonlight around you lights up so much more. The land and yourself are now flooded in the brightest moonlight that has ever been seen before on the planet and in that light everything is awakened and heightened.

As you bathe in this lunar light you feel yourself opening and opening and your centres of communication, your heart, your throat and your third eye begin to vibrate with this light. You spend time allowing this to happen so that you are ready and prepared for what is to come.

You are aware now that you are filled with the divine light brought to you from the moon, remembering that the moon carries the essence of feeling and deep knowing. Your eyes look around you with clear vision and as you see the light shining on everything you notice that many beings are gathering around you and you know without a doubt that these are the ones who have waited for so long to bring their messages through. As you look around them you see relatives and friends, you see the great beings of light who bring us our greatest teachings, you see our star brothers and sisters and you even see the animals and the plants and trees all waiting to speak through you. You are aware of how excited they are for they know that you are ready now and open to be blessed by their messages.

In this first journey one of those present will come to you to share their wisdom with you but you will make many more journeys under this expanded moonlight to receive more communications from others who wait for you.

One of those present steps forward and they come and join you and you go and sit together under the moonlight and you see with the greatest clarity their features and what they look like and you remind yourself that seeing is feeling for it is not seeing with the physical eyes or even the inner eye. Seeing with the inner eye is feeling and sensing in the heart.

Your heavenly helper brings you a message and it is not a personal message it is a message to be shared with everyone and it is a message of wisdom and compassion and hope for the future. You receive this wisdom in a way you have never received before and you bring that message back and you share it amongst your friends and with anyone else who is open to its blessing.


The Ceremony

You manifest before you your own personal altar and you dress it with the things which are personal to you remembering that the altar is a mirror of you and what you put upon it you put upon yourself. Also the altar is where you come not only to commune with the divine but also to alter things within you.

You spend a quiet moment reflecting before the altar and reflecting upon this very important time where you are being opened up to greater divine communication with the help of Mercury.

You are now going to ceremoniously purify each of your three centres of communication and you will do this using the lunar light. You begin by drawing down the full moon into your heart and you go into that moonlight and you purify that centre in all the ways that you know how. You then draw another full moon down into your throat centre and you purify that too. You complete this process by drawing down another full moon into your third eye Centre and you purify this as well.

You are very aware of the three moons within you and you observe within as the moonlight in those three centres connects them together so that a great beam of moonlight rises up from your heart to your third eye connecting them together.

Upon your altar is a chalice filled with liquid mercury and you take your chalice and bless it and speak sacred words over it and you drink deeply from it and you feel the mercury filling up every part of you, filling you with the essence of communication.

You are then aware of something in your hands and you watch as silver strands of light begin to emerge from the palms of them and you know what you must do. You hold your hands in the air and with your intention you send these strands of silver light which are channels of communication out across the world and the Earth will then be covered with a network of communication.

This light you have sent out will not only help people to communicate with the realms of spirit but it will also enable them to open up to a greater communication with each other across the globe.


The Healing

The silver light provided by this full moon will bring great healing to you for the silver light can heal and strengthen the nervous system of the body. As sensitive souls you have a greater capacity to feel and because of this sometimes your nervous system becomes exhausted and it needs a tonic and once it is strengthened it will create greater communication between all the cells of your body to bring healing to every part of you.

There is a beautiful plant called Artemisia named after the goddess Artemis and it is a very healing plant; its leaves are silver and it is going to bring you healing.

You see before you a beautiful moon Gateway and this Gateway is the entrance into a moon garden. You step through the gateway and you see that all the plants here are either white or silver and the moon light shines upon everything casting the most beautiful healing glow.

In the very centre of the garden is a bed of Artemisia and it looks like a bed of silver. You go and lie down upon the soft leaves and you sink deeply into them. You are very aware of the life force within the plant and you feel that life force reaching out to you and sending it silvery light into all the nerves of your body and you watch as this light begins to flow throughout your entire nervous system. Your nervous system begins to vibrate with this beautiful healing light and you feel it sending communications to all of your body telling it to be whole and well and in balance. You actually speak to your nerves and you tell them messages to send out to your body for your own personal healing.

Enjoy this full moon and may it shine the light upon you more than ever before and may you grow with the light of wisdom and deep understanding.

With love Margaret


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