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October Moon Circle

The moon is full this month on October 5th and it is in the sign of Aries, a fire sign ruled by Mars so we have a very powerful energy available to us.

These teachings which I will bring to you from this full moon will go deeper than any I have provided for you before for they are dark, mysterious and deep. This work which we do is filled with light and lightness and the joy and the delight of our connection to the unseen worlds of nature and the cosmos but as we progress we have to go deeper and deeper into the self and into all the realms within realms which are around us and within us.

We are here upon this planet first and foremost to heal ourselves and everything else we do comes second to this even the healing and teaching work we do for others. The cause of all our distress and emotional pain is fear, this one word encompasses everything and most of us in fact all of us have brought fear into this life from many other lives. We have lived in fear because of our beliefs and have had to keep them hidden time after time and there are memories stored deep within us about those lives where we could not speak of what we knew. Those lives will be revealed to you only at the right time and only with spiritís bidding.

The fear runs deep within us all colouring every lifetime and it has its origins in one particular lifetime so far back in time that you couldnít even count the years.

So I will prepare you first of all by letting you know that this monthís full moon energy is very deep indeed and within it you will connect to your own fear. Remember that behind the fear is true wisdom and the true self so that when you uproot your fear you are left with yourself, stripped away into your full power, power which many of you gave away many lifetimes ago.

This is a world of separation from the first emanations from the source which provided yin and yang, light and dark and our journey here is a journey back to light and wholeness but as part of this journey we have to completely embrace both the light and the dark. Any spiritual path which rejects the dark is not authentic for that darkness is our own fear.

If we were saints there would be no separation within us but we are not for we are all just becoming.


Here are the teachings for this monthís full moon:

Draw down the light of Sirius into your Crown and radiate it through you and around you.

Draw down the light of this Aries full moon in a way you never have before, feel every particle of that light as it enters your being, feel yourself in direct Communion with the moon as its vibration flows into you. The light of this full moon is an awakening for you and so spend time to completely and wholeheartedly be immersed in it.

This moonlight shines brighter than any other moonlight you have drawn in before and it shines down into the very depths of your being and to all the dark places of the self. Within that light you now delve down into your being, into the roots of who you are, feeling yourself going deeper and deeper. When you do this you will then be aware of a very strange vibration deep down in your body, this will be followed by a sensation of something pushing up through you in a spiral, there may be much pressure with this but it is all right, it is safe, just go with it.

Allow the sensation to completely rise up within you and you will then feel your mouth beginning to open and as it does a snake emerges from it and that snake will land in a spiral at your feet. As you gaze in complete amazement of what you have released this snake now begins to take on the form of a being and this being is your fear. You face your fear and see it as a living being. The feeling from this being is Pan, the horned God and you realise with a greater understanding why the churches transformed this spirit of nature into the devil. The devil represents fear and because of the churchís fear of the ancient gods and of Pan the very essence of nature, he was transformed into the devil to make people fear and conform.

You feel this as you gaze upon your fear for indeed it is your fear which you are now confronting; it belongs to you and to no-one else and it has travelled with you from lifetime to lifetime.

This being before you tells you that it will now accompany you and walk by your side, you are not afraid of him but yet you can feel your own deep fears being stirred within you. As you walk with him he brings you the greatest realisation of what lies beneath your fear, of one word which tells you what it is all about. One thing which has created every fear within your life. You can trace this fear back to the very beginning when the seed was planted.

You can see with the greatest clarity how that fear has coloured every situation in your life and of how it has drawn to you people and pain to enable you to fully acknowledge it time and time again. Now for the first time you can understand the essence of it, of that one word which has touched everything. Fear is behind anger, resentment, guilt and so many more emotions; always look behind the feelings you have carried to discover their source.

As you walk with this being at your side and converse with him about your fear you will feel a great sense of strengthening taking place within you and the strangest feeling of your original self before the fear was planted coming back into being. Fear will walk by your side and you will become his friend and he will be your teacher to enable you to resolve your past, he will bring lightness and humour as well so go to meet him for you are ready.

The first teaching was very deep and it is the basis of all your work on yourself and what you do for others for others come to you with fear behind all their situations and you can only understand and help them when you have explored your own inner state.

Something has been released within you something so deep going back to the mists of time that it has now created an opening for the real you to emerge and you are now to experience her like you never have before. Iím sure you have had moments out in nature under the moon, around the fire outside or raising your arms to the wind and the rain where you have felt that you were truly yourself but you have only touched the surface so now go beyond the fear which was pushed down deep within you to find the real you.

Feel the wind come around you, it wraps around you becoming stronger and stronger and then it lifts you up and transports you into the wildness and ruggedness of Scotland, a land which symbolises ancient wild vibrations. You are in the mountains with mist all around you and the wind howling and this landscape feels very familiar to you for deep within you is a great love of the wild places.

As you stand within this place your clothes begin to drop from you and as each set of clothes falls away another one is there beneath them covering you and they too drop away. This continues as layers and layers of yourself peel away like the layers of an onion. The clothes represent the thoughts you have worn, often thoughts you have put upon yourself. This continues for such a long time until a huge gust of wind comes and then it carries all these clothes away and they transform into a huge Black bird and the bird comes back and stands and watches you. You begin to yawn as though you were awakening from a deep, deep sleep and you feel within you even down to your DNA something is wakening up. You then feel a very strong vibration come from the mountains in through the soles of your feet and bit by bit it moves up your body. This vibration is you, your true self, the part of you who is wild and deep and mysterious and is part of mother Earth. As the vibration moves through you you feel a sense of power return and you feel no fear and you have a great understanding within yourself that no person will ever again stop you from speaking your truth. No-one will ever, ever do this again to you for you have released the fear which was planted within you which stopped you from being yourself and speaking your own truth.

You then travel through the mountains accompanied by the huge Black bird totally renewed and at one with the elements and everything around you.

Because this has been a huge letting go you now need some nurturing and sweetness to complete this experience.

You see before you a tunnel of rainbow sparkling lights for this is the entrance to fairyland and the fairies are the keepers of lightness and sweetness. You travel down the tunnel marvelling at the beautiful twinkling lights and when you reach the end you emerge into fairyland.

A group of fairies standing tall and flowing wait to greet you and they take your hands and lead you along a path which leads to a bower of sweetness. The fairies contain great healing within them and they more than anyone bring us wonderful reassurance and comfort after we have experienced anything challenging.

You enter the bower of sweetness and you see before you a beautiful space surrounded by every type of climbing rose and the perfume enters your whole being. In the centre of the bower is a bed of light of every colour of the rainbow and they ask you to lie down upon it softness and they then set to work to nurture you and reassure you with sweetness. They bring many healing remedies and each one is sweet and you marvel at what you experience. They bring golden nectar for you to drink; they make oils from the sweetest flowers to rub upon your skin. They bathe your feet with dew which they collected from honeysuckle and they place the perfume of sweet peas in your aura. This is the most magical healing you have ever experienced and it continues to soothe you and fill you with such sweetness the like of which you have never experienced before.

May you be healed deeper than you ever have been before this month and may you release the roots of all your fears and may the sweetness of the fairy realms nurture you in the best possible way.

With love,





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